6 Inspirational Lofted Bedroom Layouts

6 Inspirational Lofted Bedroom Layouts

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Lofted bedrooms are an awesome space stretcher. When presented with a particularly high ceiling, the temptation is to whack in an entire second floor to double up on that square footage, but that can stunt your lower floor. A loft level allows line of sight to wander all the way from ground floor to ceiling peak. Dual level windows maintain their full and mighty presence, and natural light beams throughout. Placing a bedroom in an elevated position keeps it out of eyeline in an open plan setting, yet grants an atmospheric link with the rest of the home interior. Stick with us for six designs that showcase how to conquer the lofted layout with slick inspirational style.

  • 1 |
  • Visualizer: Tung Nguyen
This lofty, light filled space evokes feelings of absolute peace and focus. Large wall clocks dress a blank white wall above a double workspace in the living room. The bespoke desk is an elongated volume that morphs into a decorative shelf below the TV. Twinning beige desk chairs meld with the light wood colour of the floor and furniture.

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A sculptural staircase gives rise to the lofted bedroom. Treads float without risers, climbing a beezy blue accent wall. A white handrail flows up the staircase without any supporting balustrades, drawing a minimalist aesthetic.

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At the top of the minimalist staircase design, a narrow landing lays home to a dressing table and the beginnings of an open fronted closet. A small L-shaped kitchen makes use of the space beneath the lofted landing and staircase.

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Due to the open nature of the double stories, the windows on each level are allowed to join forces to become one much more impressive expanse of natural light and outside view.

  • 5 |
A circuit of track lights square off above the sleeping loft, mirroring the outline of the modern bed.

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The closet is an adjustable system of garment shelves and repositionable drawers. Its open fronted design ties in with the borderless free flow of the rest of the home, from the open plan living room and balustrade-free staircase, to the lofted volume itself.

  • 7 |
  • Visualizer: Tung Nguyen
Now we see the same furniture and staircase concept implemented into a different apartment design. This time the lofted sleep space is a square volume set above a partitioned kitchen.

  • 8 |
The staircase treads float lightly above the sitting area and an indoor plant. Because of the connected visual between floors, decor commonality is important to sculpt calming cohesivity.

  • 10 |
Up in the loft, a botanical theme brings in revitalising greenery.

  • 11 |
A much smaller closet system tucks into the corner.

  • 12 |
  • Visualizer: Room Design Buro
Our third tour is a 36 square metre home, located in Moscow, Russian Federation. A slender swing arm wall lamp extends over much of the small lounge. A white powder coated staircase gives rise to a simple bedroom design, which skims under industrial concrete lintels.

  • 13 |
Large windows fill the compact interior with a light. Indoor plants flourish at the towering glass.

  • 15 |
A neat workspace squeezes onto the bedroom platform.

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  • Visualizer: Room Design Buro
This 27 square metre home resides in Moscow, Russian Federation. A stunning original brickwork wall gives the place its industrial edge, whilst simple white volumes fulfill the minimalist side of the brief.

  • 17 |
The staircase design stretches seamlessly, as though it were one strip of concertina fold paper.

  • 18 |
An Ikea PS 2017 lamp throws spotlight on a modern lounge chair by the foot of the stairs. Mood lighting highlights a stack of built in shelves by a minimalist sofa.

  • 19 |
Large storage closets go almost unnoticed behind secretive white slab front doors. The discreet aesthetic is adapted for the bathroom door too. A solid black feature wall is used to distract the eye further, and to instill a feeling of added depth in the room.

  • 20 |
Up in the lofted bedroom, the monochrome theme prevails. A black throw and cushion dress a white bed, whilst a black modern wall sconce and a black side table shake up the all white wall and floor decor.

  • 21 |
Inside the ground floor bathroom, a wooden bathroom stool adds a solitary moment of natural warmth to grey and white surroundings.

  • 22 |
  • Visualizer: Kern Studio
Our fifth tour gives off a decidedly luxe impression, albeit with a modern minimalist vibe. A cushiony modern sofa contrasts cooly with rich wood flooring. A modern chandelier adds a sculptural element to an industrial style concrete ceiling.

  • 23 |
A crystal clear glass balustrade cuts past floating wooden staircase treads to the lofted bedroom.

  • 25 |
Some of the perimeter lighting highlights a wooden feature wall behind a small bar area.

  • 26 |
The sectional couch has a double sided arrangement.

  • 27 |
Footstool sections can be moved from around back to form a bed-like couch for cosy movie nights.

  • 28 |
The wine bar chimes sublimely with the exquisite character of the decor.

  • 29 |
  • Architect: Ruslan Bondarchuk
Lastly, we arrive at a home interior with a comfortable rustic feel, evoked by chunky timber elements and exposed brickwork.

  • 31 |
The space beneath the jenga block-like staircase is utilised for deep storage closets.

  • 32 |
Stair lights prevent the thick staircase from landing too heavily in the scheme.

  • 33 |
Thin spindles bring safety to the high loft without enclosing it.

  • 34 |
A floor bed tackles practicality under a sloping ceiling line.

  • 35 |
The eaves make the bedroom into an appealing hideaway.

  • 36 |
The bottom stair tread slides out beneath a wall mounted TV, becoming a media cabinet.

  • 37 |
The chunky wooden aesthetic of the staircase lends itself to a stylish L-shaped kitchen design.

  • 38 |
A round dining set splits the kitchen from the lounge.

  • 39 |
Industrial signage labels the interior doors.

  • 40 |
Support beams are celebrated rather than disguised, picked out in jet black coating.

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