Childhood Dream Home On The Seashore

Childhood Dream Home On The Seashore

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400 square meters of dream house stands in Varna, the resort town of Bulgaria, created by By Dezest Design. It materialises from the customers childhood fantasies of building a home on the picturesque seashore. A monolithic reinforced concrete structure supported by several supporting columns and walls, the house presented an interior space that was possible to plan most effectively. The interior is an amalgamation of cultures, traditions and trends that reflect the character of the customer and his family. The fusion includes elements of modern Japanese minimalism, Bauhaus, and ethnic details native to South Africa–though it is light and air that are the protagonists of this inspiring design story.

  • 1 |
A modern fireplace lines up flickering flames across a white and wood tone living room. A huge projector screen drops down in front of a stairwell with an illuminated balustrade. Its bright LED strip accentuates the linearity of the hearth.

  • 2 |
All of the lounge furniture follows a warming coffee colour theme. Area rugs are a lighter neutral to softly define different zones in the large living room without drawing undue attention.

  • 3 |
White wall art has a sculptural element to it, where overhead lights cause abstract shadows. Great glass doors connect the living room to the dining room.

  • 4 |
A round coffee table is situated at one end of a unique modern sofa with deep cushioned ridges. Its texture vibes with the sculptural element of the artwork.

  • 5 |
Two lounge chairs fence off a second sitting room.

  • 6 |
Whereas the first living room is geared towards watching the big screen, this snug is situated around some bookshelves. A modern floor lamp facilitates comfortable reading.

  • 7 |
Moving through the great glass doors into the dining room, a third modern sofaarea is furnished with pale cream sectionals and matching floor lamp. A dark end table and coffee table build stark contrast.

  • 8 |
Barcelona chairs carry the coffee tone through, whilst a ribbed area rug makes a tonal addition. There is another impressive modern fireplace here too, where the flames dance along a raised black hearth. See more mid century modern chairs.

  • 9 |
Cut logs are stored beneath the elevated hearth, which matches the rectangle coffee table with its chocolatey tone. White bookshelves float above, made to look quite weightless thanks to the inclusion of an undermount LED ribbon.

  • 13 |
The head and foot of the table are given prominence with imposing feature chairs.

  • 14 |
The next sectional sofa we find is teamed up with a stylish home office area, in a space situated just off the main living room. Whilst the desk, office storage and desk chair are all black, the sofa dons white upholstery to fashion a balanced monochrome aesthetic.

  • 15 |
Circular wall lights complement a sturdy round coffee table design with a Japanese flavour.

  • 17 |
A wooden dining table touches against a stainless steel kitchen island to make the layout clean and aligned.

  • 18 |
The huge kitchen window opens up a revitalising green view.

  • 20 |
Double workspaces are set up in a second modern home office space. The wooden desk is a bespoke design that skims the perimeter of the room, stepping lower in parts to form seating.

  • 21 |
The same wood is used to clad a feature wall in the room. The rich wood grain is softly illuminated by a large modern wall sconce.

  • 22 |
The seats incorporated in the custom office furniture make comfortable reading nooks.

  • 23 |
Upon entering the master suite we encounter a neat dressing table with a floor to ceiling vanity mirror.

  • 24 |
A black swing arm wall lamp extends over the vanity table and a matching black decorative tray.

  • 25 |
A glass walk in wardrobe is situated on the opposite side of the bedroom entryway.

  • 27 |
The end of bed bench brings in the coffee accent, along with colour coordinated closet door handles.

  • 28 |
These homeowners have a clear passion for fashion, because there is hanging rail space in spades.

  • 29 |
RIch wood panelling coats the inside of the wardrobe, giving it a luxe feel.

  • 30 |
A monochrome theme enhances the white and wood tone base of the next bedroom design.

  • 31 |
Wood effect slabs make a simple, uncluttered headboard design for a minimalist bedroom. Contrasting black and white units flank each side of a contemporary platform bed.

  • 32 |
A modern floor lamp directs reading light at the pillows.

  • 33 |
A stripe of LED underlines a raised platform in the master bedroom’s ensuite bathroom, where a walk-in shower area and built-in bathtub collide.

  • 35 |
This shower room is linked to the single home office just off the main lounge.

  • 36 |
Large format wall tiles increase the sense of scale.

  • 37 |
Ribbed wall panels add a weight of quality to the decor.

  • 38 |
Modern bathroom vanity lights accessorise the central guest bathroom in elegant fashion, like pieces of perfectly understated minimalist jewellery.

  • 39 |
On the floor plan we can see how the four bathrooms cluster on one side of the house.

  • 40 |
Isometric view.

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