White Green Art Lovers Home Decor Done Two Ways

White  Green Art Lovers Home Decor Done Two Ways

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Fresh white decor, flourishing green plants and intriguing art collections shape these two very different home interiors. One highly decorative neoclassical home interior is filled with ornate panel doors, a sculptural and dominant jade tile fireplace, and a mix of traditional and modern furniture pieces. In contrast, the second home we take a tour of is a streamlined modern space with no frills, bells or whistles, only clean lines with pit stops of raw concrete. As we move from room to room, we’re also dazzled with brightly clashing accent pieces, intermingled with the neutralising essence of raw timber elements. Whether you’re space is deeply classical or crisp and contemporary, this look fits all.

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White decor only increases the sense of light and space inside a high ceilinged living room, where indoor plants throw sprays of lush green decor. Wall art ties in with the natural colour theme.

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Fresh cut flowers are displayed in a glass vase on the marble coffee table, adding height to the room’s centre.

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The room is topped with a modern light fixture that extends from a classical ceiling rose. Original double panel doors open up the space.

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A modern dining set is laid out in the same large living room as the sofas.

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A jade green fireplace dominates a plain white wall in the living room dining room combo.

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The ornate piece brings highly decorative form to the crisp room.

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Sculptural tiles make the fireplace into an eye catching art piece.

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The jade green tile fireplace is an integral part to the interior design, bringing character and individuality. With the double doors open the feature fireplace even becomes a part of the kitchen decor.

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The kitchen is a modern space with smooth grey cabinets and gold hardware. Indoor plants and a Juicy Salif citrus squeezer by Philippe Starck decorate the window sill.

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An island stands in the entryway to the grey and white kitchen, where two black bar stools are seated to form a casual breakfast bar.

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Emerald tendrils of foliage tumble into the white hallway scheme, where monochrome artwork dresses the walls.

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An antique fruit bowl adorns a traditional wooden console table. A gold framed mirror leans in an arched alcove.

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The modern wall sconce is tipped with gold to match the frame of the full length mirror.

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Another set of original double doors lead into the bedroom.

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Traditional gold handles accessorise the doors.

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Wicker accents thread through the interior in different forms. Here, a wicker basket planter brings a moment of rustic texture to a small corner with a reading chair.

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A green planter acts as a small echo of the jade tiled fireplace in the living room.

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Perfume bottles provide more bathroom decor.

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The beautiful arched windows from outside the home

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Stunning stonework shapes the exterior.

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  • Designer: Contekst
  • Photographer: Evenbeeld
Our second art lover’s interior was sprung from a design proposal to declutter and simplify the original apartment space. The interior was opened up as much as possible. The colour and material palette was given uniformity with a lot of white space in which to breathe, both for the home owner and art collection. Indoor plants soften the linearity of the furniture and gallery wall.

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Different style frames help each piece stand out.

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Light from three large windows fills the room, and diffuses through the large shade of a tall floor lamp. The floors have been painted white to reflect the natural light, and to connect the apartment as one seamless space rather than separate rooms.

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A small but functional kitchen contains unique dining furniture with a lively selection of colourful chairs.

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Art is hung high and low in every room of the house.

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Bright woven fabric makes the chairs into art too.

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A single sky blue shelf adds an artistic splash of colour.

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The concrete kitchen backsplash meets with a sculptural extractor strip, which curves away from the wall with an infinity vibe.

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Whilst the concrete kitchen counter is small, it builds interesting detail around the sink, and the cut of the dishwasher handle. The mirror above the kitchen sink reflects the window light, but is also a hidden cupboard for washing up liquid and hand lotion.

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A farmhouse style bathroom sink beds into a concrete vanity top, by a matching concrete shower enclosure.

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The art collection even spills into the bathroom.

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