Bold And Breezy Interiors That Mix Blue And Pink Decor, With Red Accents

Bold And Breezy Interiors That Mix Blue And Pink Decor, With Red Accents

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Uplifting, calm and just a little bit quirky, these two modern interiors are dressed in bright colour palettes of light blue, pink and shades of red, designed by Nika Vorotyntseva. Each of the homes, located in Kiev, Ukraine, also use a motif to create continuity through the interiors. The first flat is decorated with nature inspired pieces, from a leafy modern chandelier to illustrative wall murals of colourful trees and foliage. The second apartment explores the use of shape and texture, with focus shifting between angular and curvaceous form. Both places include a kids room design too, so there is inspiration for an entire family of needs.

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  • Photographer: Sergey Savchenko
Our first tour is the smaller of the two, measuring in at 140 square metres. The comfortably proportioned open plan living room is dominated by shades of blue, with some soft pink accents breaking up monotony.

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A winged pink accent chair sits between the blue modern sofa and a teal media cabinet on the opposite tv wall. Pink and blue decorative vases dot the surface of the unit.

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In the centre of the lounge, a glossy white coffee table rests on top of a cloudy blue and white area rug.

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The chandelier has a delicate natural style, as though made from leaves or blossom. A scatter cushion on the sofa ties in with its botanical essence. A soft lampshade shrouds the floor lamp at the side of the couch. A modern wall sconce protrudes from a textured blue feature wall.

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The feature wall runs the full length of the lounge-dining room combo to connect the two zones.

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A striped modern fruit bowl adds a quirky touch to the marble tabletop. A hidden gem of a design feature is revealed upon opening the door to a closet area, where illustrative botanical art covers the inside of the door in blue, pink and red.

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Natural light from large windows bounces across high-shine marble floor tiles.

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The white kitchen is exploded into two halves, split by the passageway into the home.

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The galley kitchen half has deep teal walls to contrast with the stark units.

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An integrated black oven stands out in the wall of full height white units.

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Moving through the door decorated with botanic art, we find a passageway to the bedroom.

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The powder blue bedroom chair is a nod to pale blue skies just outside the window. A small side table makes it a comfortable spot to sip a coffee and read.

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The headboard is a jarring stripe of red, which ends in folds across the curtains.

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The botanical wall mural extends all the way into the bedroom to colour the tv wall.

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Glass walls reveal an ensuite bathroom.

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White marble tiles gleam under the bathroom lights.

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The kid’s room follows on with the same colour story, decorated in powder blue and teal.

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In another bathroom, grid textured tiles complement a crossed vanity design.

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Our second tour takes place in an apartment with an area of 180 square metres.

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Shades of blue push through each area of the open plan space, in the shape of a light blue kitchen, a plush blue sofa and a set of bold blue dining chairs.

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A peninsula in front of the blue kitchen cabinets is faced in mirror, which reflects black bar stools and pink accents from the adjacent lounge area.

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Inverted box panels create a smart feature wall.

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Ribbed wall surfaces ripple the blue decor.

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Gold trims add a suave finish to a velvety blue headboard.

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A portiere reveals an ensuite bathroom.

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Rounded rectangles texture a blue wall.

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Huge his and her closets run off the hallway.

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Inside the pink walk-in wardrobe, three walls of shelves and rails provide copious amounts of storage. An island of drawers fill the centre of the room.

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Sheer voiles hang across archways at the entrance to the dressing room.

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Blue doors colour coordinate with blue walls in the hallway.

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Each cabinet door of a powder blue double sink bathroom vanity is decorated with a circle motif. Small black handles hit the centre of each concentric circle design, like a pebble striking the surface of a pond.

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White bathroom pendant lights cluster above the vanity, hanging like speared snowballs.

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A freestanding bathtub rests in the light of the window, where white drapes pool at the floor.

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Blue and red decor gives the baby’s nursery a bright and energised aesthetic. Blue stickers pattern a white wall, behind a blue cabinet with arched doors. A lively red radiator underlines the window behind a comfy blue accent chair for nursing, and a sturdy floor lamp. The baby’s crib and changing table are a simple white finish that looks fresh against a light blue wall.

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A tower of blue bookshelves make good use of a narrow nook by the window. Circular wall hooks add dotty interest to the plain pale blue paintwork.

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White wall hooks, a white faucet, and a matching soap dispenser accessorise the cloakroom.

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