Luxury Bel-Air Property With Immense Swimming Pool

Luxury Bel-Air Property With Immense Swimming Pool

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If there was ranking for show-stopping swimming pools, then the curvaceous waters that sweep the border of this Bel-Air acre plot would be topping the chart. Not only is it vast and flows to infinity, but it places swimmers and bathers at the edge of unparalleled views from the Getty to Catalina. The seven bedroom, ten bathroom, 20,000 square ft home designed by Tag Front Architects is valued at $48,000,000, and it’s easy to see why. 281 Bentley Circle is the pinnacle of sophistication with finest quality finishes. It boasts a twenty-person movie theatre, professional tennis court, gym and spa, an enormous wine room, and a 12-car garage.

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A modern paradise unfolds behind the gates of this property in the prestigious Bel-Air neighbourhood. The acre-plus promontory supports oversized gardens, the finest in indoor-outdoor living and jaw-dropping architecture.

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The front of the house stands like a fine fortress, protecting the serenity within.

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To the side of the gardens, the professional tennis court beds down by a hedgerow and mature trees.

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Six fountains froth in the swimming pool, marking the beginning of its exaggerated length. The location of the fountains positions them to be viewed from inside the home too.

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SeaBobs make a quick and fun mode of transport to scoot from the house end of the pool to the sun loungers set out all the way down at the other.

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The sun loungers are double banked around the pool edge, with some staying dry upon the deck, and others offering a cool dip.

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The pool loungers are set into the shallows of an underwater platform; a step down plunges into deeper water.

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The infinite pool ripples out to a breathtaking panorama, and reflects neverending clear blue skies.

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By night, the house and gardens are alive with light, emitting a welcoming warmth.

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The social spaces open up to the gardens so that all areas can be used seamlessly and connectively.

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A modern outdoor chair breaches the border between indoor and outdoor living, sat upon a Portuguese Limestone floor that runs throughout.

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A series of panels form a unique installment above a modern fireplace that blazes along a limestone hearth.

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Another contemporary fireplace divides a luxury living room into two separate lounge spaces–one proportioned for entertaining larger parties, and one more intimate conversational arrangement.

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Two sides of the main lounge are defined by a sectional sofa arrangement; a mid century modern chair stretches out along the window without obstructing the amazing views.

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The L-shaped sofa backs onto a Calcutta marble bar, perfectly positioned to show free-flowing hospitality to house guests in the lounge.

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There is yet another lounge arrangement in the home’s common area, which is designed as a more secluded spot. Solid surrounding walls give the place an intimate and cosy feel, though small picture windows still let in the sunlight.

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In the snug, a modern lounge chair reclines by a tall bank of shelving, where books and decorative items live.

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A circular feature is set into the architecture, and this shape theme is repeated in some of the interior accents too, like the sculptural room divider that veils a luxury dining room. The sputnik chandelier that hangs at each end brings a spherical aspect to the table too.

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The masterfully designed open floor plan includes a luxurious kitchen diner. Dark Italian kitchen cabinets contrast richly with the airy white interior.

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Racks upon racks of wine storage tower in the wine room, like lustrous wallpaper.

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A bright orange accent sofa, swivel armchair and floor cushions kit out the wine room with comfy seating. A selection of poufs, side tables and a glass coffee table fill the expanse between.

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An impressive marble and glass staircase design climbs to the first floor of the home.

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Glass balustrades seem to run on forever across the landing.

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Waking up in the luxurious master suite brings a blessing of blue skies. Orange decor accents contrast with the skyscape.

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The master suite leads straight out onto its own balcony, which overlooks the gardens and impressive pool.

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Nature and cityscape views give the best of both worlds.

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The balcony runs the length of the master bedroom and its ensuite bathroom. In the ensuite, the views can be soaked in from the tub by the window, or from a crystal clear shower enclosure nearby.

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Six guest suites are steeped in luxury and breathtaking views too. In this one, two bedroom chairs look out of floor to ceiling glass.

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The wall of a glass ensuite bathroom retracts to give entry to the airy room.

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Each bathroom adheres to the highest caliber fittings and finishes, right down to ambient lighting schemes.

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An entire row of potted plants screen the next modern bedroom from being overlooked. A modular headboard wall design divides the sleep space from its attached bathroom.

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The home spa would rival any hotel.

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Comfortable couches seat twenty viewers in the home theatre.

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Illuminated outdoor stairs climb the main entrance.

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