Modern Rustic Interiors Contemporary Country House Charm

Modern Rustic Interiors  Contemporary Country House Charm

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These two freshly sophisticated home interiors, put together by MOPS Studio, embody a modern rustic vibe that is hugely welcoming. Rustic charm often carries with it some quaint rough edges to achieve that well lived-in country house look and ambiance, yet this pair manage to encompass bags of rustic charm in a sparkling clean and uncluttered manner. Cosy contemporary pieces can be found in every direction, along with nods to nature and natural beauty. However, these light, bright living spaces are blessed with plenty of breathing room that allow free-flowing energy around each cleverly curated piece. These are two beautifully unique living spaces that are sure to leave you craving more modern rustic hospitality.

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Our first residence that incorporates modern livingwith arustic vibe is located in the Moscow region, Russia, with an area of 426 square metres. The interior of this country house is predominantly neutral, though it is anything but bland. Natural colors and materials are applied alongside more modern elements in a dynamic way that immediately grabs you. From a towering quartzite accent wall that reaches into exposed rafters, to a dominant bespoke black lighting track, this place has edge.

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The home layout was reworked to maximise the feeling of space, which included the removal of a long corridor that was attached to the living room. There is a three piece modern sofa arrangement at the centre of the living space, with two of them forming a sociable family gathering spot around the tv, and the other smaller volume facing toward an open flame modern fireplace.

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A floor lamp lights the sofas.

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Beside the lounge area, a dining set has space to seat six diners by the window.

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The L-shaped sofa wraps the lounge space, separating it from the neighbouring dining room. A duo of nesting coffee tables sits in its crook.

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Herringbone tweed fabric has been paired with smoother counterparts to create a quaint yet modern chequerboard upholstery pattern on the main sofa. The upholstery differs from seat to seat of the three sofas to keep the look casual and loose.

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Decorative vases dress the media cabinet, which incorporates ingenious slotted magazine racks in its volume.

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A stunning dining room light stretches the length of the table.

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The wooden dining table wraps around one end of the island, with the rest of the island’s volume left accessible for storage drawers.

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Although open plan to the lounge, the kitchen is placed around the corner so as not to encroach on the relaxation zone. The one wall kitchen has been positioned so as not to be visible from any of the living room sofas, and the extra dining zone is pushed to its far end.

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The fantastic quartzite wall that reaches the rafters is in fact the chimney breast. An open flame modern fireplace design flickers wildly along its base.

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Bespoke seating in the hallway is luxuriously cushioned and upholstered.

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Our second modern rustic vibe residence is also located in the Moscow region, Russia. This home has a slightly larger area of 500 square metres, though a more divided layout actually makes the living space appear more compact. Huge glass doors let natural light and a garden view wash over the lounge. Moss green scatter cushions bring nature’s palette indoors.

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A black sofa table displays a pared back selection of knick-knacks.

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The fireplace wall has a wrap around hearth, where two chairs are pulled up to toast by the open flame.

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Huge doors open up to reveal a flat screen tv.

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A towering white bookcase acts as a divide between the lounge and stairwell.

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The sofa table marks the rest of the dividing line between the hallway and living room.

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An upholstered bench seat sits against the back of the bookcase wall.

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The fabric covered bench seat it is served by a small black side table that neatly wraps its edge.

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A small wall hung console unit holds keys by the home entry door.

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Glass balustrades support open stair treads for a floating effect.

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The open plan kitchen in this home also disappears off the side of the lounge, with the single wall of units out of immediate view. However, a couple of leather loungers do offer a place to relax by the chef – or for the chef.

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Eight moss-like dining chairs provide a beautiful nature inspired visual in the modern dining room, which is located off the far end of the kitchen.

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A couple of orange leather accents warm predominantly grey bedroom decor. Green house plants bring the outdoors in.

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Grey curtains dress triple aspect windows.

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A magazine rack stands beside onebedroom chair by the window.

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The bedroom tv wall decor is slate grey with a floating media unit. A slatted door leads to a luxury ensuite bathroom.

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A green tinted shower screen colours the space.

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The basins are set in front of a huge window, so the vanity mirrors have been hung from the ceiling.

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A bed of pebbles provides a natural rustic finish beneath the vanity.

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