A Minimalist Home: Earthy, Modern Masculine

A Minimalist Home: Earthy, Modern  Masculine

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Concrete, stone, wood, metal, and glass. This modern home tells quite the story with its array of elements effortlessly mingling together. The smorgasbord of contrasting texture is a big part of what makes this houses design so irresistible, but thats not the only thing to love. From the spacious walk-in closets to the earthy tones highlighted by ambient lighting, every inch of this humble dwelling is a simplistic masterpiece. Visualized by Johny Mrazko and designed by Studioe, we commend these designers for creating a home that proves that minimalistic means less stuff, not less style!

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Light and airy, this modern living room is brimming with an elegant charm. The mix of concrete, leather, and wood gives off a masculine vibe, but without the full-on man cave feel. We especially love the unexpected touches, like the unique floor lamp and the way the firewood is openly displayed to create a floor level work of art.

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The low to the ground setup lends the contemporary white chairs an opportunity to pop in this modern meets rustic living room. The light brown chairs not only contrast in color, but material as well with their leather upholstery.

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The open-concept dining room is graced with a table and chairs that contrast beautifully against the pale floors with their dark, rich tones. We’re sure those dining pendant lights would look stunning in many rooms, but they look especially fierce when paired with this simple dining room table.

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Champagne or Cabernet? The elements of glass and wood are carried off on to the back wall to create built-in curio cabinets. The cabinets elegantly house wine glasses and champagne flutes, adding a certain sophistication to the room.

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Dark hues can be a fickle to work with, but this black kitchen pulls it off effortlessly with its edgy, minimalist style.

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Open sesame! The inside of the cupboards reveal a delightful contrast with their light wooden interiors. We can definitely imagine enjoying breakfast perched on top one of those ultra sleek kitchen bar stools.

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A great view of the genius elemental combo in this home. The abundance of contrasting texture and hues make a bold impact that is overflowing with contemporary charm.

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The unique wood accent wall infuses this room with a subtle motif, while the built-in lightning and wall sconces weave in a trickle of ambiance. And of course, we can’t miss the plush, oversized sectional. It looks like the perfect place to catch up on your favorite books or TV shows.

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All style and no play, makes for a very dull home. Luckily, this house definitely doesn’t have that problem. Fitted with a large screen TV, surround sound, and a huge couch, there is plenty of room for fun in this rec room.

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Pull down the projector screen to upsize your viewing experience. It’s even Mother of Dragons approved!

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Whether you are unwinding in the king sized bed or relaxing on the gray chaise lounge chair, the industrious swing arm wall lamp will reach you. The unique design perched atop the black and white abstract art is an innovative addition to this modern bedroom.

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From a different angle, we discover that this bedroom also has a master bathroom. The large, sliding door offers up some privacy, all while keeping the open-concept feel when it is not in use.

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On the other side of the bedroom wall, we discover the walk-in closet flooded with natural and artificial light. Drawers, shelves, and a hanging bar are all harmoniously utilized to make this design stylishly practical.

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The luxury soaker tub basking in nature’s glow bathes this peaceful bathroom in a hospitable warmth. The in floor lighting and wooden bath table only further the serene aesthetic. Who needs a getaway spa retreat when you have one right in your home!?

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The modern bathroom vanity, reminiscent of the the black kitchen cupboards, beautifully contrasts against the lightly colored stone wall. The ceiling hung towel racks, which can be seen on both sides of this bathroom, truly embody the notion of unexpected elegance.

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Another piece of black and white wall art can be seen dramatizing the entrance way. Parallel to it we discover the same stunning wooden accent wall found in the rec room. And at the end of the hallway? Storage heaven! An oversized closet with copious amounts of room for both shoes and outerwear.

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Everything your entrance needs in one purposeful corner. Two ottomans, a full length mirror, and playful hooks make this the ideal place to get bundled up before heading out the door.

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A good look at the closet and it’s even better than we imagined. Not only is it spacious, but it is fitted with wooden drawers and shelves that amplify its style and practicality.

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Wooden cabinetry and neutral tones lend this room an earthy aura, all while the square bathroom sink, wall-mounted toilet, and integrated lighting make sure it has a distinct, modern feel.

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Turn around and we stumble upon a walk-in shower with a rain shower head. This bathroom is simple and functional, but does it with high style.

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The wood and metal staircase design is on par with the rest of this home’s elemental pairings. Being able to view the curio cabinets from this side of the wall is unexpected, yet highly poignant.

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The low cabinetry in this kid’s bedroom is great for staying organized, stashing away toys, and maintaining the clean, minimalist feel of a room. Overall, not much color has been used in this home, so the teal bed and yellow action figure really give this room a more youthful vibe.

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Black shelving, a chunky wooden desk, and a flat file cabinet create this modern workspace. The perfect place to do homework or indulge in some computer time.

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Another modern bathroom with flush mount cabinets, a walk-in shower, and a rain shower head. Not dissimilar from the other ones we have already explored in this home.

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This color block ladder is a great example of dip dye decor. The design creates both visual interest and assists in tying it in with the modern vanity. We see that they added a hand towel rod beside the sink, but a ladder is also a wonderful way to hang towels for those bathrooms sans towel racks.

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