Cosy Interior With A Kids Area For Play, Study Sleep

Cosy Interior With A Kids Area For Play, Study  Sleep

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A warm and comfortable home, beautiful in its simplicity, resides in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. Put together by the architects of Svoya Studio, the 135 square metre apartment space is filled with pure natural shades. The harmonious combination of wood grain, veined marble, plus soft and smooth textiles creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for the family of four that reside here. The home owners requested that the floor plan be sectioned in a way that would grant as much space as possible for the children’s area, which led to the considered reduction of living room space. The kids have been treated to an adjoined play space, study, and cosy screened off sleeping zones.

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  • Photographer: Alexander Angelovskiy
The modern living room is a cosy scene of wood panels and streaked Laminam ceramic slabs. The remainder of the room is peaceful in pure white paintwork and upholstery. Recessed ceiling tracks hold repositionable spotlights over the lounge and into the neighbouring kitchen diner setup.

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A soft area rug adds a flash of cosy texture over wood flooring. Indoor plants bring in a hint of natural greenery behind the sofa, from a pair of planters that are part of two modern wall sconces.

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Roomy storage cupboards stretch out along one wall of the lounge, allowing the living space to remain uncluttered and relaxing. The door to the right of the cupboards is the home entry door, so these closets likely store the family’s collection of seasonal coats, shoes and outdoor equipment.

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The grey and white Laminam ceramic slabs continue on as inspiration for a white and wood kitchen design. Perimeter lighting skims the base of slabs around the window wall, casting an enchanting glow down wood grain panels.

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The door at the other end of the storage closets flanking the lounge leads into an independent laundry room. The utility room hides away all of the technical equipment necessary for the home. The master bedroom lies around the corner to the right. Instead of cutting integral space to facilitate corridors, all transit areas have been left open.

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To the left of the kitchen diner there is a family bathroom. This room is most commonly used by the two daughters of the homeowners, as there are no ensuite facilities in the kid’s zone.

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The open layout home is flooded with natural light. The window nook to the left accommodates a formal family dining area. The window on the right is part of an enclosed balcony that serves as an additional lounge area.

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The formal dining area comfortably seats the family of four at a round table by the window.

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A modern dining room pendant light keeps the eating area bright and inviting at dusk.

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The one wall kitchen with island is framed with wooden larder units at either end and wood wall cabinets along the ceiling line.

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At heart of the installation there are white marble kitchen cabinets.

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Three white and wood kitchen bar stools line up along one side of the central kitchen island.

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A white linear pendant light illuminates the kitchen breakfast bar.

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A black faucet and hob accessorise the smooth white kitchen countertop.

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Use of high quality materials continues inside the master bedroom suite. A sophisticated lighting scheme makes this a place of peace and tranquility, and creates a floating visual effect beneath the base of a platform bed and around the headboard.

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The modern bedroom decor incorporates a textured feature wall, which is accentuated by the lighting behind the headboard. Two bedside table lamps provide task lighting.

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An indoor plant nestles up against draping portiere, at the entrance to a double workspace in the window.

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The master bedroom is equipped with an ensuite bathroom, which is accessed through the white door seen here. A dressing room lined with three walls of closets lies through the door on the right. Even more wardrobes flank the entryway into the bedroom to the left.

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The ensuite has a double sink bathroom vanity, for convenient his and hers wash space. The decor is filled with more sleek ceramic slabs, which make up the vanity countertop and bathroom floor.

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White wall mounted bathroom faucets accessorise the wash area.

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The kids’ room decor gives the space a happy vibe. White walls create an open and airy atmosphere in which to run free, whilst a dark ceiling helps the large space feel snug.

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Fun arrow decor signposts an individual sleep space for each sister. The mini-rooms are separated from each other by a partition wall that is lined with wardrobes on either side. The closets conceal a secret tunnel that allows the girls to visit each other when the room is in ’play mode’.

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House shaped door frames hold sliding slatted screens, which can be drawn closed to form compact cosy quarters. A storage console stands to one side of the communal play area.

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The beds are styled as sofas during the day, giving the girls extra space to hang out. Twinkly string lights make the place feel magical.

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The other side of the communal space is the kid’s double study, with a desk placed at either side of the room.

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The bathroom just off the living room holds a single vanity unit and an over bath shower arrangement.

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