Curvilinear Architecture with Landscaped Gardens

Curvilinear Architecture with Landscaped Gardens

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Set among four acres of green land with areas of dense flora, a lily pond and an existing outhouse, stands a home created for the Munshaw family by architects Modo Designs. Located in Rancharda, on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India, the design was made to avoid a rigid box formation - which the homeowners had previously inhabited. The brief was to complement a lifestyle that took place mainly outdoors, with the house playing host to a collection of paintings, artifacts, books, heirloom furniture and Persian rugs. The formation is a reimagining of an ancestral house from imagery, with fluid line that finds harmony with the nature of the land.

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  • Photographer: Bharat Aggarwal
The curvilinear shape of the house is set to embrace the picturesque views of the lily pond. and creates an intriguing bend through interior spaces. An upper and lower verandah make up a major part of the family living space, allowing activities to be moved outdoors to soak up the garden views. The materials used over the exterior of the home are natural in appearance and rich in colour. Valsadi wood paneling and doors create the character of the facia. Aging wood and cane furniture have been renovated to grace the verandah spaces with a well established look.

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A generous total of 15 feet of raised outdoor spaces and cantilevered volumes fuse the home with the peaceful landscape. The decks become the main living space during daylight hours and the twilight for the outdoor loving family.

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Large expanses of retractable doors open up in order to merge the free flowing areas of the home interior with the open verandah spaces.

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Interior living all takes place on one floor, with the master bedroom and the homeowners daughter’s bedroom situated on a slightly raised wing.

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An established tree grows directly through the cantilevered structure of the roof edge, further melding the house with the beauty of surrounding nature.

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Lush green lawns sweep away from the house perimeter, with landscaped borders planted to hug closely around the outskirts of the home.

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Verandah chairs and low coffee tables are gathered into sociable pockets along the outside of the house, providing opportunity to follow the sun – or the shade – throughout the day. A swing bench is situated on the upper deck outside of the master bedroom suite.

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The various outdoor settings also allow for family members enjoying the outside space to continue to connect with those indoors, whether they are in the lounge, library or dining room.

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A mid century modern living room is set around the perimeter of a Persian rug island in the centre of the home’s open plan living room. The decor palette throughout is neutral and warm, with plain white walls and ceilings setting the backdrop for earthy textiles.

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A unique installation of four revolving bookcases are able to turn a blind eye of wooden back panels toward the open living room…

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… Or spin on their axis to reveal the stacks. A huge wooden map of the world is mounted across the library’s white wall, with ambient lighting glowing around the borders.

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When the revolving bookcases are set to a side position, there is freedom to drift from the main living room into the side snug to take up a comfortable reading chair. A librarian ladder provides access to the highest tomes.

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A formal dining room resides at the opposite end of the open plan living space, set beneath a grand dining pendant light.

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Sunlight filters through a skylight in the central core of the build. A combination of antique furniture and paintings plus new customised furniture are softly lit, above a highly polished Kotah stone floor.

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Following the curvature of the house we happen upon a wooden staircase to the elevated bedroom level. A pair of blue pots on plant stands line the steps. The lush greenery of the indoor plants pay perfect complement to the rich woodtone of the risers, doors and interior wall panels.

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A courtyard area can be accessed via the exterior glass doors by the bedroom staircase, which is used to flow natural light into this area of the home.

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The bedrooms have their very own set of bi-fold doors to allow the private quarters to be opened out to the garden too.

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The same glossy grey flooring used in the living areas is continued into the bedrooms, with rich woodtone flowing through.

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Exterior lights are fitted into the underside of the overhanging roof to light the decks below, allowing the stunning outside space to be enjoyed longer into the evening.

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Outdoor steps gently descend the slope to the large lily pond, whilst a pathway meanders around to the side of the house toward the rear bay where there is a landscaped entry court and spacious parking area.

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On the home plan we can see that each of the generous bedroom suites for the mother and daughter are equipped with spacious walk-in wardrobes and private ensuite bathrooms. The home’s kitchen is situated toward the back of the property, along with a guest bathroom and extra bedroom. A store room is located in the very back leg of the home, along with a servant room. The small courtyard, which is accessed via doors at the foot of the stairs to the master bed, leads to a maid’s quarters at the other side.

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