Contemporary Neutral Homes That Dont Need Bold Color To Wow

Contemporary Neutral Homes That Dont Need Bold Color To Wow

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Creating a beautiful home with an array of color is hard enough, but what about working with a neutral color palette? Suddenly the right hues become imperative and the shape of furniture and accessories has extreme impact. Yes, all these things are important when designing multi-colored rooms too, but they take on extra responsibility in the world of neutrals. Dont fret though, the challenge is worth the reward. Execute your design correctly and you will create elegant haven that will have everyone in awe. Kind of like these two contemporary homes by Dezest and Khani Design. We certainly couldn’t get enough!

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  • Visualizer: Dezest
This cozy home with it’s neutral color palette has been labelled “The House of Light” and we can definitely see why. In this open-concept design we can spot at least 6 different light sources and that doesn’t even include the dreamy floor to ceiling picture window! The large gray sectional offset by the extra long end table makes the perfect place to lounge after a long day.

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A charmingly chaotic chandelier makes sure there is nothing bland about this breakfast bar. The white marble flooring paired with the natural wood counter top is a match made in heaven.

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The white sculptural chandelier is a true show stopper in this sleek, minimalist dining room. A modern chandelier can take a room’s design to the next level, so if you are looking for a little extra something, be sure to checkout our article 45 Beautiful Modern Chandeliers.

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Small details like the illuminated, built in bookcase are what take “The House of Light” to a whole new level. The mid-century modern Gubi Beetle chairs are particularly stunning in this room, adding a much needed subtle contrast.

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The soft curve of the trio of bar stools throw in shape variance to an otherwise straight edged room. A simple addition, yet highly poignant.

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Glass covered built-ins harbor a luxurious aura that instantly creates visual interest in the far corner of the living room.

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More fabulous built-ins with integrated lighting are featured within this elegant bedroom. The decorative rug and plush headboard give the room an extra touch of comfort and modern charm.

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The sleek pendant lights are an ambient gem hanging in front of the oversized headboard. Not only do they provide a soft luminosity to the entire bedroom, but they are also a great way to keep the bedside table clutter free.

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A white color scheme has been expertly executed in this contemporary bathroom. The round mirror with the textured surrounding give the space a modern flare.

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Perched on the contrasting birch tree wall paper, we couldn’t help but notice the unique owl lamp. Love these majestic birds as much as we do? Don’t miss our article featuring the best owl decor.

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String lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore! We think these lights are an ingeniously fun and simple way to illuminate a bedroom. We adore the way they highlight the modern white kids’ beds.

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I think we found storage heaven. The floor to ceiling built ins add tons of wardrobe space and look amazingly sleek while doing it.

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Twinkle twinkle little star, modern and playful is what you are. The gold star wallpaper, simple wall art, and herringbone carpet make this kid’s room absolute perfection.

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As sheer curtains create a feminine feel around the reading nook, the balloon lamps weave in a bit of whimsy and imagination above the desk. A great mix of elements that create this cozy haven.

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An illuminated light strip, floor lamp, and lots of throw pillows beg for someone to use this cozy reading nook. Mr. Bear and little bear sure look ready for storytime.

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A full view of this minimalist kid’s room shows that this is a small room with a powerful design. Every inch has been thoughtfully utilized.

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The marble floors that you saw earlier in the kitchen carry on to this side of the house to knit the whole floor plan together. We noticed that trees and other potted plants were strung throughout this home’s design, which we think beautifully enhanced the fresh and youthful design aesthetic.

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  • Visualizer: Khani Design
From the quirky monkey lamps to the oversized gray sectional, design elements both big and small have clearly been well thought out throughout this chic home. It is no wonder that this contemporary showpiece is said to have had the working title, “Perfectionist House”.

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Much like the “House of Light”, houseplants have also been integrated in to this design. We like that they offer up a smidge of color, without overwhelming the neutral color scheme.

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Modern track lighting, oversized floor to ceiling windows, and a cozy fireplace create multiple light sources in the living room. The partial wall is a great add-in as it provides a space for both the fireplace and flat screen without inhibiting the open-concept layout.

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Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, let’s light up those candlesticks! Candles are an inexpensive way to add ambient lighting to a room. Candlesticks specifically provide a luxurious touch.

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A clear view of the elegance and beauty of the oversized windows. They make the living room feel more expansive by providing not only a view of the outdoors, but also a flush of natural light.

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The asymmetric coffee table adds both ample table space and an edgy charm to this living room. For more modern and unique coffee tables, be sure to checkout our expertly curated list of 50 Modern Coffee Tables.

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Finally! A great view of those Seletti Monkey Lamps. We love their quirky charm as they contrast against the rocky accent wall.

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On the other side of the fireplace wall, we find the dining room. The silver chairs paired with the minimalist black dining room table contribute to the room’s slight industrial vibe. We adore the small touches in this home and the terrarium-like centerpiece is no exception.

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If a chair can be simple, yet intricate, the Platner style chair perfectly fits the bill! The sleek curves are especially scrumptious on this classic mid-century chair. The original is available here.

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The black track lighting over the kitchen table is understated and modern. The perfect combination for a contemporary dining room.

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The dramatic dark island contrasting against the clean white cupboards is a dynamic treat in this simple kitchen.

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Flush to the wall cupboards create the ultimate minimalist kitchen. Where the use of a unique stainless steel hood range produces a much needed, unexpected visual element to the room.

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This serene piece of nature brought indoors creates the perfect place to sip a glass of wine and read a good book. The intricate garden chair and globe lights only enhance the cozy utopian vibe of this indoor greenspace.

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An unexpected staircase design highlighted by built-in wall lighting. The way that the light dances off the high shine stairs is practically mesmerizing.

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With a different view, we can see the built-in lighting tucked underneath each stair. This not only adds a level of luxury to the staircase, but it also doubles as stylish safety feature.

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