Designing City Themed Bedrooms: Inspiration From 3 Hotel Suites

Designing City Themed Bedrooms: Inspiration From 3 Hotel Suites

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Falling in love with a city can happen on far flung holidays or right on home ground. Is it possible to translate an exciting city vibe into an interior space? Is it feasible to design a master bedroom that conveys the city you’re passionate about without it becoming over themed or childish? The designer of these three city themed bedrooms proves it can be done. Visualised by Ivan Jakovlev, these three hotel suites also include kitchen and dining spaces that follow on from bedrooms with themes of Paris, Geneva and Amsterdam. All achieved without the presence of a single picture postcard or souvenir snow globe in sight.

  • 1 |
City breaks are full sightseeing and soaking up the style of the city you’re adventuring through. This Parisian themed suite honours the hero piece of the French capital city right off the bat with an Eiffel Tower silhouette applied at the centre of a towering wooden headboard. The large question mark above could represent popping the big question, which is done by scores of lovebirds up at the top every year.

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Pendant lights over the bedside tables echo the triangular silhouette of the Eiffel tower. The herringbone pattern beneath the motif is reminiscent of the body of water that resides by the landmark, and also of the towers structure itself. The herringbone pattern is repeated on other volumes around the room and draws another Parisian landmark to mind, the pyramid Louvre with its black framed glass.

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In life, the Eiffel tower stands in a hue chosen to complement the Parisian sky, a bronze colour known as ‘Eiffel Tower Brown’. In this bedroom decor, silky Parisian blue bed covers are strewn across a sumptuous bronze brown bed.

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The metalwork bedroom pendant light is another reminder of the engineering and art that make up the Parisian landmark. Metal grey herringbone pattern covers the bedroom floor, meeting with water-like veined marble tile.

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A fleur de lis wall decal marks the doorway. This classically stylised lily is of course widely used as a decorative design but many Catholic saints of France, especially St. Joseph, are depicted with a lily.

  • 7 |
On the other side of a skyscraping bookcase, a small dining area is styled like a bijou Parisian cafe, with illustrations of cafe au lait, baguettes and croissants embellishing the walls. The neat black dining pendant light is the Beat Fat style pendant by Tom Dixon again.

  • 8 |
A small kitchen flanks the eating spot.

  • 9 |
A vibrant yellow backsplash and countertop is matched by a single chair cushion and the wire legs of the dining table.

  • 10 |
A tall mirror helps the tiny kitchen diner feel more spacious.

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Next we travel to beautiful Geneva. Faux deer head decor may be all the rage but here we celebrate the Swiss cow and her role in the traditional Alpine ascent and descent of the cattle.

  • 12 |
The headboard feature wall is made up of a series of wooden panels interspersed with cowhide pattern and slate grey. A simplified Alpine tree outline adorns the largest board high above the bed.

  • 13 |
LED strip lights run up the edges of the headboard panels. A twinkly modern chandelier adds to the cosy glow.

  • 14 |
The soft suede bed ties in with the rich brown cowhide.

  • 15 |
The Swiss cross is a massive trend in interiors right now, used as a bold print over cushion covers and throws. Here the Swiss cross is given prominent placement over the door and high above a dressing table.

  • 16 |
Another cow reference is made on the television wall, with a bull motif.

  • 18 |
In this hotel bedroom suite, the kitchen and mini dining area run right off the sleeping area. The yellow accent kitchen space features another cow themed wall decal, which humorously promotes ‘Milk’ by the food prep area.

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Next we’re whisked to the land of windmills in this interior interpretation of Amsterdam. A modern adaptation of one of Holland’s historical windmills spreads its sails on a wooden headboard wall. A set of wooden wooden house shapes on the windowsill match the natural grain.

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The blue colourways of the bed, bedcovers and bedroom armchair link with the smooth canal waters of Amsterdam.

  • 21 |
A number of planters are dotted around the room, on the sills, bedside tables and bookcase. The greenery is reminiscent of the tree lined streets of the Dutch city.

  • 22 |
The red flex ceiling light provides a little twist on Amsterdam’s famous ‘red light’ district.

  • 23 |
Yellow accents bring in the sunshine.

  • 24 |
Bicycle culture seems almost part of the Dutch DNA; the streets of Amsterdam are flooded with cyclists heading to work and ferrying kids to school, and up to 15,000 bicycles are retrieved from the canals each year! With this in mind, the Dutch’s favourite mode of transport has been made a prominent part of this city themed decor, with bicycle wall decals resting at two of the bedroom walls. A streetlight wall decal adds to the city vista, and yellow frames represent the windows along the streets of Amsterdam.

  • 25 |
Typographical wall art states “You + Me + Coffee = Happy!” in a nod to the famous and numerous Amsterdammer ‘coffee shops’ that tourists from all over the world ‘weed’ out in order to experience an extra specially ‘happy trip’!

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