Using Gold Accents In Interior Design

Using Gold Accents In Interior Design

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The metallics trend is a hot one that looks set to continue long into the future. We’ve seen gold accents gleaming on the catwalks and now we’re dressing our homes to impress with this rich lustre. Just as we can adorn any type of outfit with rich trims, gold has become a go to accent for each and every room of the home, from living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms. A word of warning though: You can overdo it. Getting the look just right can be a delicate balance. Too little goes unnoticed and too much becomes gaudy. This inspirational home design, visualised by Home D, hits it just right.

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Two precious gold accents are allowed to sing out in their individual spots in this neutrally decorated living space. A modern gold swing seat has been hung across the room from a gold coffee table. The two are of complementary circular designs to make the room harmonious.

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A grey modern sofa, pale beige curtains and a light herringbone floor create a cool coloured backdrop for warm metallic lustre, giving the room crisp contemporary class.

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The unique coffee table is composed of two golden discs, one upper and one lower volume. The surface is uncluttered to let it gleam. Beside this, a taller more narrow version of the dual disc coffee table design stands in white, so as not to fight with the showcase piece.

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A store of cut logs acts as a focal point to one side of the television wall. The natural tone of the wood ties in with the beige tones elsewhere in the room.

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A hoop of warm light echoes the golden circular lines of the swing seat and coffee table.

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At the other side of the open plan space, a central kitchen island has a golden finish. The rest of the kitchen is a simple white design. Only the kitchen faucet and a couple of additional small fixtures have been carefully added to tie in with the metallic treatment of the showstopping island.

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A set of four white dining chairs have slender golden frames.

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The circular theme continues in the dining area, in the frames of the chairs and two white dining pendant lights.

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An amazing installation falls somewhere between being a chair and a piece of art. The casual swirl of gold paint within works perfectly with the other accents in the home, and makes a superb stand alone centrepiece for a blank white wall.

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Wooden wall cladding continues the tone of the floor up to eye level and creates a cosy atmosphere amongst the whiteness.

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Bedroom pendant lights have been finished off with a strike of gold down each of their oversized white tubular shades.

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The rest of the master bedroom decor is a relaxing scheme of soft pale grey and white, where texture does all the talking.

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The platform bed is covered in tactile upholstery, against a headboard feature wall imprinted with a uniform pattern of debossed dots.

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The fireplace in the bedroom matches the one out in the open plan living area. The flames dance behind a slim vertical pane of glass that has been partially painted in white.

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The clothing rails of a walk-in wardrobe peep out from behind a full length mirror. The angular rails have LED lighting built into their undersides to illuminate the garments.

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In an ensuite master bathroom, the tiling is of a sophisticated textured design. A strip of golden light runs along the length of a recessed shelf that holds spare face towels and a few select toiletries.

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The shower screen has a golden tint to the glass, and a gold shower head can be seen through it.

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The gold bathroom vanity unit is a semi-circular design that becomes part of an ellipse when coupled with the arch shaped vanity mirror above it. A gold faucet completes the lustrous look.

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A second sleep space displays a more cubic bedroom accent wall, behind a rounded edged bed design.

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The dressing chair, which appears to be the Gubi Beetle chair, matches the rounded look of the bed. The seat has been paired with a neat console in a matching grey colourway.

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Three minimalist pendant lights hang over the bed at various heights.

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A small beige pouffe sits in front of beige window dressings.

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The same smooth pale herringbone flooring continues throughout the home.

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A bank of shoe storage is lit by LED strip lights in a bespoke closet. A second circular wall chair is mounted nearby.

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A utility area has been fitted out with a set of storage cupboards and cubbies to house a washer-dryer machine, an ironing board, fresh linens and laundered clothes. The shelves and doors have all been painted taupe for a tidy tailored finish.

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The hue continues over an interior door and upper tiles in a second bathroom scheme.

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Gold accents sit comfortably against the rich tone.

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A set of small side tables with elegant gold legs double as a plant stand. A neat gold faucet and gold shaving mirrors decorate the small space.

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Other fixtures in the bathroom are white so that gold does not dominate too strongly.

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