How To Use Colors To Spice Up A Concrete Decor Scheme: 3 Examples

How To Use Colors To Spice Up A Concrete Decor Scheme: 3 Examples

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Concrete decor is often found within cool monochrome schemes that are often softened with the introduction of a few indoor plants scattered here and there. The lush natural greenery does provide a wonderful lift, and monochromatic styling looks sharp, but how about throwing in a few more colours to spice up an industrial backdrop like that? These three modern home tours incorporate shades of raspberry along with trusty leafy greens, plus turquoise accents, burnt orange, varying blue hues, pink and light yellow ochre. Using rich and vibrant colours within the same space as concrete features and finishes adds a new dimension of inviting warmth and even a little intrigue.

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  • Visualizer: Thao Uyen
Indoor plants cheerfully pepper the decor scheme of our first apartment, and their greenery is set off beautifully by juicy raspberry accent pieces. The heat of the raspberry hue found in quirky wall art and sofa scatter cushions is helped along by the warming brown tone of a leather sofa.

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Concrete walls are patterned by interesting shadows created by a basketweave pendant light, which has been sprayed black. A dual headed floor lamp provides task lighting at one end of the sofa.

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A SMEG fridge brings a stripe of raspberry into a black kitchen with white countertops. White dining chairs furnish a small eating area, and a casual bench sits beneath a unique wall clock.

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Hanging planters are a great way to introduce foliage when surface space is tight.

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This hanging planter over the central prep bench has the added feature of being a working pendant light.

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SImple white flatware matches other white accents in the culinary space.

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Wall mounted vases decorate one wall of the kitchen.

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Exposed kitchen shelving displays a gold kettle and shaker, a selection of glass wine decanters, carafes, and cooking oils.

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“All you need is sleep” advises a neon sign mounted on a raspberry headboard feature wall. Plant stands decorate the inviting sleep space, next the bed and over the window sill.

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A white and natural coloured vanity chair tucks neatly beneath a dressing table at the side of an open plan closet area.

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A white fruit bowl sits atop a matching bed tray.

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A freestanding mirror situated over by the window reflects more light into the concrete clad room.

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Pretty scalloped tiles in blush tones bring unique decor to a concrete bathroom. For more gorgeous ideas like this, take a look at these beautiful bathrooms with bathtubs.

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A wash area is created on the other side of a textured glass partition.

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  • Visualizer: Martins Architect
Apartment two is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a total area of 205 square metres. Married empty nesters gave interior designers free range to create a spacious and unobtrusive–yet stylish–living space.

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The designers came up with a harmonious interior that incorporates bold and unusual solutions within easily replaceable decor elements.

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The floor, part of the wall and the ceiling of the living room is microcement, with feature walls painted fresh turquoise. More greenery comes in the form of house plants, seen here in hanging terrarium.

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An unusual cantilevered table, formed like ostrich legs, introduces a burnt orange hue. The fun colour is complemented by vintage travel posters.

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When hung in front of windows, dining pendant lights can block sunlight. Opt for a wirework one like this delicate design to let light flow freely. A wall of decorative plates thread colours over a plain white wall. You can buy wall plates like these on Amazon.

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Acrylic dining chairs have been selected in transparent, green and amber colourways, and set around a table with cobalt blue legs. A concrete and black kitchen scheme fills the opposite wall.

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Individual tubular lights descend from the ceiling over the kitchen sink and work area.

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The bedroom is a minimalist layout.

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A tall headboard doubles as a partition wall, behind which a freestanding bathtub is plumbed. An ornamental panel made of different types of wood holds stabilized plants, which don’t require special care.

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Hidden within the headboard is a dressing table.

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Glass blocks make up one wall of a dressing room. The rest of the space is fitted with glass fronted closets in an L-shape.

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A huge ensuite master bathroom has a green and white decor scheme, and its own steam room.

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In the guest bedroom, scaffolding and wooden boxes have been used to create a substantial shelving unit with an industrial theme. A grey bed and accent chair cool down a burnt orange and yellow decor palette. Vintage vehicle license plates make an unusual wall display on the headboard wall. You can find vintage vehicle license plates like these on Amazon.

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The guest bathroom too is of a green and white theme.

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The geometric desk is an unusual form.

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  • Visualizer: Mottu
A black swing arm wall lamp stretches over a black sofa in the lounge area of apartment number three. White modern outdoor chairs sit by a dining table. Colour is added by a blush rug between the two zones.

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A pink and white kitchen lies to one side of the open plan home.

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A black faucet and black sink adds weight to the light pink kitchen units.

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A platform bed seems to float in a white bedroom scheme with black accents.

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Light yellow ochre closets add colour to the monochrome setting.

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The bathtub and toilet are black to contrast against white bathroom tiles.

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Raspberry accents brighten a guest room.

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