Rustic Mountaintop Mansion With Indoor River

Rustic Mountaintop Mansion With Indoor River

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This amazing rustic mansion in Park City, Utah, USA is set on a mountaintop, in its own private 4.3 acres of woodland. The enchanting home was built in 1996 with multiple outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas. With so much of natures beauty to enjoy, you might wonder if the owners would ever wish to go indoors… But this dwelling holds an extraordinary surprise feature. A river runs right through the centre of the interior, flanked by extensive volumes of natural rock, so that you need never feel separated from nature. Best of all, this house is up for grabs! That is, if you have a spare $9,400,000 laying around.

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The exterior of this home reflects the natural elements that surround it. Built from raw timber and rustic rock the façade looks like it could have grown from the land itself.

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The mountaintop beauty spot is awash with the sound of cascading waterfalls from the ponds and birdsong from the trees.

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Decks around the home exterior enjoy views over the ponds, the changing colours of the trees and bright skies.

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Outdoor relaxation would never grow dull with so many stunning aspects to soak up and enjoy.

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Nature seems to hug this home.

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All aspects of this house have been kept raw and honest to blend in with the natural beauty spot. An exterior chunky wooden balustrade around the edge of a stone patio, and the central wooden deck with dining benches, settle in quietly with surroundings rather than shouting out their presence.

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Although the location feels remote, the residence is located within just a mile of Park City and Deer Valley ski resorts.

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Outdoor staircases are almost camouflaged.

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This distinctive property could demand an astounding $10,000 a day for rental.

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No neighbours to disturb the peace here.

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The rich changing tones of exterior timbers have a stunning striped effect over the vast house.

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Huge windows allow the views to be soaked up whilst inside.

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Decks are built around the structure at multiple levels to offer different viewpoints.

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Natural light floods into the home.

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Water features are a special part of this sensationally unique home.

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Tranquil pools can be found all around.

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Nature rushes right up to the doorstep.

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Dining alfresco is a given here. These leaf themed outdoor chairs make the perfect outdoor dining area for this space.

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At last we go inside, but nature comes along with us via this incredible interior water feature.

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The water and natural rock are complemented by lush green indoor plants.

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Extensive use of natural elements continues throughout, covering over 10,500 square feet of living space.

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Rock, stone and reclaimed wood connect this interior with the Earth. We can even see a tree trunk running right through it.

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A stone staircase runs up and over to a spectacular wooden spiral staircase.

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A series of matured brown leather couches make up a rustic living room area, looking in on a central wooden coffee table. Beside it an enormous stone fireplace with a towering chimney breast heats the lofty space. (Watch the video at the end of this article to see this unique fireplace in action!) A mezzanine balcony runs alongside them, leading off into bedrooms and bathrooms. Black and white photography is placed prolifically around this enormous space, along with tribal art and accessories.

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Numerous unique ceiling fans rotate quickly overhead, keeping the grand living room cool and ventilated.

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Rustic pendant lights also descend down from the rustic wooden ceiling, where roofline windows let in even more natural light and views of a clear blue sky. Tracks of smaller spotlights light the areas in between and around the edges. Looking down we can see the extensive stonework over the floor and steps, mirroring that of the sprawling patio outside beyond the glass doors and picture windows.

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Four kitchen stools with scrolling metalwork frames are placed along the side of a smooth countertop that looks like it is rooted right into the floor. The surface looks as though it might have sprouted just to provide a comfortable place to sit and chat with the chef, and as a spot for casual dining. Four petite glass kitchen pendant lights illuminate the wood and stone installation.

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The low-hanging breakfast bar pendant lights draw the eye up to appreciate the beautiful patina over a metal volume above the dining bench. The rest of the gourmet kitchen is an extensive selection of wooden cabinetry, some with glass doors to showcase the contents. A central island holds an extra sink and prep surface.

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A step up to this rustic dining room has an undulating profile, lit by a floor level light. Two dining pendants hang above two banquet tables.

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Everything about this 9 bedroom home is geared toward having guests come to stay, including this wet bar with eight bar stools.

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The huge home also has 7 full bathrooms and 3 half bathrooms. This one stands out with quirky octopus decor.

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A little wooden bridge crosses the unique indoor rock and water feature.

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The formal dining room seats 12 diners at long live edge dining tables. Behind it the amazing spiral staircase climbs to the top of the 2-story great room.

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