Summer Colours Decor Interior Zoning Technique

Summer Colours Decor  Interior Zoning Technique

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After soaking up hints of fresh summer shades, like refreshing lagoon blue and warming coral pink in these four home interiors, we felt inspired to share some of the summer style buzz. In all four apartments, designed by Innoi Design Space, the youthful bright hues are tamed by solid backdrops of white or cool grey decor. Some smooth wood tones and splashes of sunny yellow, along with infusions of green evoke a sense of life and health. These home interiors also showcase an interesting technique for the division of rooms that involves framing around each space, making each of them a separate vista that transitions through clear walls.

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The first of these three inspirational interior designs was based around the concept of the blue sea … and the wood surf. Gold accents were selected to complement a blue lagoon hue, and much of the apartment is clad in wood tone on white concrete.

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A contemporary white leather sofa, with an elegant black frame, is scattered with yellow and green accent cushions.

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A blue entry door stands out against adjacent wooden panels.

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The living rooms are each held within their own surrounding frames, with completely clear sides.

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Blue dining chairs nestle against a grey dining table that is decorated with botanical ornaments.

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A unique dining room pendant light fills the entire space above the dining table, echoing the shape and diameter of its surface perfectly.

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Matching its shape, colour and size, a round black coffee table in the living room is a shorter version of the dining room table.

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The external window frames match the black framing of the interior rooms.

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White and wood kitchens work well with calming grey decor; this one has a dual tone grey feature wall that is split into horizontal stripes by two long shelves. A selection of canisters and bowls decorate their lengths.

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A gold faucet and gold kitchen utensils sing out beautifully against the swathe of grey.

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A wooden wall bedroom creates a cosy place to sleep. A huge example of botanical themed art adds greenery to the room, behind a bedside table lamp on a plain white unit. A green bed runner ties in with the colours in the artwork, and one yellow pillow adds an extra flourish.

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The bathroom is strictly monochrome, with a black wall hung toilet mounted on a plain white wall.

  • 13 |
A black frame edges everything in the bathroom, as though a graphic artist had drawn it, outlining each item in fineliner pen.

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The idea of summer blotches of dew led the visualisation of this turquoise and grass colour decor. A large amount of black was also introduced to add contrast and weight to the light summery scheme. The pairing of black with pastel shades creates a strong modern look, as seen in the composition of the unique end tables that stand like colourful avant-garde chess pieces across the floor.

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Again we find framed out living spaces, using a clear zoning technique that subtly separates rather than segregates.

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The dining set seats four on modern black and grey dining chairs, around a circular perimeter.

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Blue and white tiles create an attractive backsplash. A black faucet and black cabinet knobs accessorise the kitchen.

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The blue, black and white decor scheme continues in the bedroom.

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The bathroom holds a unique royal blue coloured toilet that is mounted against matching blue panels, next to a coordinated double sink bathroom vanity shelf.

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  • 26 |
The platform beneath the bed, including the stairs leading up to it, offers a vast amount of added storage space to the small studio apartment.

  • 27 |
A unique ceiling fan spans the ceiling of the dining room, looking like a giant upturned summer daisy.

  • 28 |
Two coral dining chairs and two blue chairs surround a simple white dining table. The chairs themselves have unusual modern contours, which create a comfortably curvaceous shell.

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The blue kitchen wall is a full edge-to-edge pegboard design that is implemented on walls throughout the apartment. Shallow shelves are rested on extruding pegs to display decorative or useful items. Thanks to the pegboard system the position of these shelves and items can be moved quickly and easily at will.

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The fourth and last interior was labelled by the designer as ‘monochrome realism with taste’, and is set over a 70 square meter space in Kiev, Ukraine. The small minimalist apartment is an open plan loft with a decor scheme that is based around a young female homeowner, with gorgeous artwork by Aykut Aydoğdu.

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A grey and white backdrop is sweetened by pink accents and accessories – even the kitchen faucet is pink. Base cabinets in the open plan kitchen have mirror fronts, which adds to the illusion of space.

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The white modern sofa is a sectional design that has been arranged in a sociable formation.

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The clear walls inside this apartment are framed with pink, which makes them an incredibly bold feature in an otherwise quietly neutral space.

  • 34 |
The lighting throughout is simple yet beautiful.

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There is a pink cuboid toilet and pink vanity in the bathroom; grey decor and low lighting keep the bold facilities looking sophisticated.

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