Two Examples Of Industrial Modern Rustic Interior Design

Two Examples Of Industrial Modern Rustic Interior Design

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Modern rustic decor often melds with industrial home style. Combining rustic furniture and accents with industrial ideas results in an interesting contrast; where concrete backdrops and reclaimed metal intermingle with warm wood tones and natural rattan. We’ve selected two solid examples of this here. One a stark loft that appears as though almost everything in it was a once lost and now newly found item, perhaps recovered from an abandoned industrial building. The other home is steeped with tradition, abundant in decorative pieces crafted specifically for the space, but juxtaposed by concrete and modern styling. See how to adjust the balance of industrial and rustic to achieve a different twist on the same trend.

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  • Visualizer: Serhii Seinov
The first of our two rustic interiors with industrial influences is a loft interior in Chicago. From this birdseye view the scheme appears almost soft despite the solid concrete floor. The huge sectional sofa is a light grey upholstered design in a sociable L-shaped arrangement.

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Peeping out from beneath the sofa in the rustic living room, an area rug lays at an interesting angle that invites you to come in and sit down, then leads you back out over to the dining suite.

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An eclectic coupling of tables and an old planter make an interesting centrepiece in the lounge.

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Metal shelves create a tall bookcase up a wall adjacent to the lounge.

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An industrial dining suite is made up of a distressed wooden trestle table with a flaking painted finish and a set of six matching stools.

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A rustic kitchen complete with exposed ducting forms a backdrop to the rustic dining room.

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The table centrepiece is a concrete planter with a metal surround. A small designer table lamp adds to the rich palette of texture with its supple paper shade.

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A distressed table also acts as a simple side console in the dining area, where a swing arm wall lamp is located as a picture light over a piece of art.

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Metal and wooden storage boxes populate the space beneath the rustic console.

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The kitchen island is another weathered looking piece. A metal chair with plenty of patina sits at one end. Behind it we see that the industrial looking exposed extractor ducting has been fitted with LED lights around its base to provide light over the cooking hob.

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Surface mounted electrical wiring runs down the rustic textured walls, on which areas of paintwork has cracked and crumbled away. A rustic wood-burning stove glows brightly in the stark hollow space.

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Industrial features are packed into this Chicago loft space, including old industrial fans, signage, rails and steel stair treads.

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Suspended above the rough ensemble is a crisp geometric modern chandelier. It draws the eye up and over to a mezzanine level that holds the bedroom and bathroom.

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A hay bale makes a seat in the bathroom.

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A simple rail is the closet.

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The bedroom decor is a slight change of pace, with warm natural rattan basket weave dominating the scheme.

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Three storage baskets mark the foot of the bed.

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  • Visualizer: LOGOVO Design Group
Our second is a home design created from some old principles that cause some unusual zoning, based upon the structure of a traditional Belarusian hut.

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The contemporary looking outer form is half of a simplified model of a hut. A second home stands separately in mirror image to complete the symmetrical silhouette.

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A menagerie of natural woven ceiling pendants greet us upon entering this living space. Bare wooden beams span the upper volume whilst intricate textiles adorn the couch cushions below. Thick chopped tree logs act as coffee tables and end tables, and fur rugs define the zoning of the open plan room.

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High gloss white floors make this a much cleaner looking rustic space than the previous home.

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An industrial vibe is introduced via a concrete wall treatment.

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The undulating shape of this live edge desk is a sweet rustic touch.

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A little nod has been made to the most honoured place in a traditional Belarusian home that was known as the ‘red corner’, a name likely derived from the symbolic red colour of the ruchnik, which was an embroidered ceremonial towel. Following ancient layout rules, the fire is located diagonally across from the ‘red corner’. The old furnace has been replaced with a modern fireplace, though it bares a resemblance to a traditional stove.

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Upon opening up the red corner you find an entirely different type of towel, rolled and stacked in a bathroom. Behind the rustic barn door a modern white bathtub contrasts with a wooden bathroom feature wall and concrete.

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Custom designed basket weave dining chairs add another dash of tradition. Above the rustic trestle table a geometric chandelier pulls the scheme back into modern realms.

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The rustic rattan dining chairs directly resemble the shape of fruit baskets.

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Exposed kitchen shelving allows fresh white crockery to add a visual lift to the chunky wooden rustic kitchen cabinets. An aluminium backsplash adds industrial flair.

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A single wooden stair adds a rustic stripe to a smooth white ascent.

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Upstairs, the rustic decor of the bedroom is freshened by bright white flowing voiles.

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A home office area has a much more contemporary feel provided via numerous examples of geometric artwork and a designer rug.

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The matte black textured facade of the squat build blends quietly with the surrounding landscape.

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