A Scandinavian Chic Style 3 Bedroom Apartment For A Young Family

A Scandinavian Chic Style 3 Bedroom Apartment For A Young Family

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A chic vibe runs through this Scandinavian style home, located in Minsk, Belarus. Much of the furniture is of a classic clean-lined Scandi design that we have all come to know and love but we also find a couple of little surprises along the way. The decor that sits as backdrop to these pieces offers up inviting pitstops of cool colour and bold pattern jostled amongst relaxed white-washed walls. The 120 square meter modern apartment, visualised by Gennady Shmidt, is set over a sophisticated herringbone floor, and accessorised with a menagerie of eye-catching oversized pendant lights and unique floor lamps, along with a selection of attention grabbing artwork.

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Kicking things off in the living room, a bright teal sofa is the hero piece of furniture. Beneath it, an area rug has subtle splashes of matching colour. The rest of the chilled room is a monochromatic scheme except for a piece of modern artwork propped up at floor level for that nonchalant look.

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Above the colourful sofa is a unique wall sconce, which is the dual headed Serge Mouille. Further along the wall is a another large piece of art; a portrait piece where the subject’s red lips match with a red stop sign in the background.

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A typographical cushion adds a little humour and warmth to the arrangement on the sofa. In front of the seating, a copper end table holds a planter. At the opposite side, a duo of coffee tables are a handy spot for books or drinks.

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A dividing wall between the kitchen and living room splits the open space. The upper half of the divide is glass, which allows both natural light and illumination from the kitchen pendant to shine through.

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An entertainment unit spans the full width of the partition.

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The herringbone floor takes pause beneath a dining table. It’s replaced by an area of practical tile that can withstand the scraping of dining chair feet, and can be regularly wet-mopped after food spills.

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The contrasting selection of intricately designed seats, in such a small spot, brings bags of interest to an otherwise simple Scandi kitchen.

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Breaking the run of white kitchen units, a black oven matches a black induction hob.

  • 11 |
The pendant lights and the legs on the industrial style stools continue the black accent.

  • 12 |
A home office area has been decorated with a selection of indoor plants that are displayed in concrete planters. A large grey bookcase holds a selection of storage boxes and magazine holders to tame the paper mountain.

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Opposite the grey bookcase, a modern stylish work chair sits at a very traditional style desk.

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More shelves flank the end of a built-in window seat, which is equipped with additional storage options underneath.

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The hallway displays a gallery of artwork beneath picture lights.

  • 16 |
Chequered green wallpaper makes an interesting accompaniment to pale patterned floor tiles.

  • 17 |
A narrow closed-in balcony has just enough space for a couple of cube pouffes and a chunky planter.

  • 18 |
The white space is jazzed up with a piece of pop art.

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We find another splash of teal in the master bedroom scheme, this time as a much softer muted tone around all walls of the room.

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Muted colour teamed with a soft upholstered bed and cozy area rug makes this a relaxing space in which to sleep.

  • 21 |
Two bedside tables hold a decorative vase and a couple of nighttime reading books, beneath a copper reading lamp.

  • 23 |
A boxed-in shelf behind the headboard is used as a picture ledge.

  • 24 |
Two pendant shades of varying sizes make a layered lighting feature.

  • 25 |
String lights wound around a decorative ladder create a cozy lamp.

  • 26 |
The kid’s room also is decorated in shades of muted teal and seagreen, accented with small pops of red like those used out in the living room.

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A set of wall shelves are mounted on diamond patterned wallpaper that gives the space a sense of whimsy and character.

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Wardrobe doors are painted with chalkboard paint, perfect for doodling.Floor reading lamps like the one by the daybed can be moved around the room where needed, this one is the Ikea Ranarp.

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Fun prints cover the cushions on the daybed.

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The child’s desk has a tower of storage at each end.

  • 31 |
A step ladder shelving system holds a selection of knick-knacks.

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In this girl’s bedroom, teal wardrobes have been put with pink decor. A pretty bird and floral patterned wallpaper makes a delicate change from the rough brick walls of the boys bedroom.

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A sheer canopy hangs in one corner of the room, creating a cozy reading spot.

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A repeat of the boy’s desk arrangement appears in this room, accessorised with a pink and a blue planter.

  • 35 |
Pink tongue and groove covers the wall opposite the bed. On this side of the room, a chest of irregular drawers with mismatched handles stand at the edge of the natural area rug.

  • 36 |
In the bathroom, a midnight blue vanity unit sets a sophisticated tone right off the bat.

  • 37 |
The base of the shower is lined with geometric monochrome tiling.

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The frame of a round mirror over the basin matches the black in the shower tile, tying both wash areas together.

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This second bathroom has pattern tile behind the vanity, flanked by a wood clad wall.

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A wooden cubby shelf and countertop complement the wall treatment.

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