50 Stunning Sculptural Chairs That Act As Artistic Centrepieces

50 Stunning Sculptural Chairs That Act As Artistic Centrepieces

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Ever felt your interior could look more artistic? There’s a piece of furniture that’s as functional as it’s creative – the sculptural chair. Crafted out of acrylic, bamboo, corrugated cardboard, wicker cane or wood, these chairs are designed – by famed designers across the globe – to surprise and delight your senses. As concepts in exhibitions or working prototypes, many of these chairs are not for sale – but don’t let that hinder their intent for inspiration. See how stretched ash wood can wrap around a person’s frame. Imagine turning the pages on 220 blueberry-shaped balls. Imagine interior style differently, with our top 50 list of innovative, sculptural chairs.

Watch the video: Chair sculpture: Wikicast 033 (July 2022).


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