Three Contemporary Interiors Making The Most of Light Wood

Three Contemporary Interiors Making The Most of Light Wood

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Light-wooden furniture and flooring are as common as décor staples come. How can you make your light-wooden features special? These three contemporary apartments offer inspiration by example. Pair light wood with white exposed brick walls, pops of navy and wicker cane accents to create a light yet modern mood. Subdue your interior with walls in white and furniture in grey, as your light-wooden furniture warms the space. Use pastels to soften the light-wooden elements in your home, adding Scandinavian bookshelves and black-framed prints. Use light wood to your advantage, with these three decidedly-different interiors.

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  • Designer: Studio Zapraszam
  • Visualizer: By-Visual
Our first living space contrasts light wood with black, white and navy, creating an interior full of contrasts. First met by a soft, white sofa, we enter the living room face-to-face with two typographic prints. Hung on an exposed, white-painted brick wall, the prints are joined by a tall fern, chrome hover lamp and juxtaposed black furniture forming three tables and a reclining chair. Set beside an ottoman and looking to a wicker cane chandelier, the space opens to reveal a white-and-navy study complete with light-wooden desk and chair. A matching chandelier in the same wooden hue beckons into the bedroom.

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Turning to the right, the space opens wider to a kitchen drenched in – you guessed it – light wood. Headlined by a row of wall-like white cabinets with LED lighting underneath, soft wooden tones contrast with a charcoal bench and navy side wall, making a feature. A matching entrance table to the left mirrors the design, with black iron supports and a charcoal-coloured floor. An olive tree guides the way back in, a Fiddle Leaf Fig the spot for the kitchen. Wicker cane shelving baskets link back to the chandeliers.

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Along the navy wall, we find a matching mat and light-wooden wall shelves framing the most contrasted of Scandinavian bedrooms. Headed by a navy feature wall and dotted with fairy lights, a range of potted plants add nature to its festive feel. Wicker baskets in the corner, a range of light-wooden storage boxes and an IKEA Sinnerlig chandelier keep light-wooden tones present. Made from bamboo, these unique bedroom pendants filter light over the white-painted floor, minimalist closet and three windows in white.

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Mirroring the lounge wall, white tiling leads to the bathroom, where a black and white ampersand print awaits. Fitted with smooth white porcelain and a light-wooden benchtop, a wooden-framed mirror expands the space. Black liquids people the shelves over a beehive-tiled floor, linking the kitchen and the charcoal entrance in. A white-painted towel rail and light-wooden plant shelf add the finishing touches.

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  • Visualizer: Square 83
Our second apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, covers 130sqm with grey and light wood, achieving an understated elegance. In the shared kitchen and living room, light wood builds a platform for a statement thread and wicker cane chair, family sofa and square grey ottoman. As seats stand on light-wooden legs, matching kitchen stools and a TV ledge continue the theme. Paired with a white-tiled kitchen, wall-mounted dome light and creeping black hover lamp, the space appears relaxed and spacious, affording room for a dining table, chairs, and indoor house plants.

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Just how gorgeous is that Circle chair by Hans Wegner! It is a truly sculptural chair.

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  • Visualizer: imade pastel
Our third interior uses light wood, pastels and platforms to create a dreamy space. The lounge props itself up on a light-wooden platform, as grey and white chiffon let in the daylight. White-and-grey walls provide the perfect canvas for a pea green futon, amongst monochrome typography and white-and-wooden trunks. Hints of colour in a grey knitted ottoman, peach side table and navy pot mix it up, as a Turkish rug ties in the room´s colouring.

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Stepping off the platform, light wood affords more economy of space. As its warm yet space-enhancing tones span across the lounge, down the hallway and into the kitchen, block-coloured elements shine beside white walls. Cabinets lining the walls of the hallway in white, grey and light wood provide extra food for thought.

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Towards the kitchen, white-tiled inlets allow the futon´s pea green to appear on the cabinets. A large charcoal fridge, microwave and chrome oven add a sleek finish, while white cabinets blending into the walls hide necessities. As white and charcoal mini pendant lights peep over the kitchen table, kitchen bar stools play in white and light wood, seating diners on a nerd stool replica. A few hexagonal shelves mounted on the wall tie in the themes, adding art to function.

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The balcony acts as part retreat, part storage space. Strings of fairy lights celebrate above a unique planters stand doubling as a clothes line. Grey and white chairs form a conversation amidst greenery and a high table, whilst more fairy lights show a tactfully-hidden dryer and washing machine.

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In the master bedroom, necessities remain displayed. Light-wooden floors and a TV cabinet share with a Scandinavian-style wardrobe, painted in white. Hat boxes, bags, shirts and dresses show an eye for style, matching pops of colour in teal blue side tables and a pink bedspread. Hints of white provide storage in bed-frame drawers, while black joins the party in a quote print, rug from the lounge and circular mirror. Metallic pillows dazzle, as the balcony shadows the sun.

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In the first guest room, the colour themes continue. Set high on another platform, light wooden floors enlarge the space, as another white open wardrobe displays its wares. White frames the windows and a side table beside, pea green an LED-lit headboard matched by a print. Master bedroom hues fold over in dusty pink and grey metallics, as light brown forms a TV shelf, bookcase and nifty wardrobe separator.

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The second guest bedroom takes another twist. Set futon-style on another platform, a stencil-case wardrobe and headboard storage afford enough space for a study. Forming a bedspread in pink, pea green and metallic colourings, a pea green planter table adds difference as light wood forms a TV and book pedestal.

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Using white tiles from the kitchen, the bathroom carries design cues into another functional space. Drawing the eye with a pea green cabinet, the bedroom´s rounded mirrors line themselves in light wood, beside a shelf bearing plants. A simple glass door separates the shower, as the opposite wall competes with a white and wooden cabinet. Matching the wooden tones, the shower´s beige tiles create a warm ambience, while elements of grey in painted brick panels and a marbled benchtop remind of Scandinavian roots.

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