Modern Asian Luxury Interior Design

Modern Asian Luxury Interior Design

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Bringing other cultures or time periods into your design decisions is one way to make your home stand out from your neighbors. Whether you have a personal tie to the Asian continent or simply admire the lines and colors that make up a modern Asian-inspired decorating scheme, there is plenty to mine from rich, Asian traditions. The homes featured in this post take their Asian inspiration and incorporate it into luxurious rooms, indulgent textures, and truly high-end spaces. Take a moment to learn a little bit more about how you can start to branch out into other cultures for your own beautiful and serene home.

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If Asian-inspired decor could be summed up in a single word (which, of course, it cannot) it would be “calming.” The influence of such essential cultural touchstones as Buddhism demands color palettes that are ultimately tranquil and serene.

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Indeed, it is that soothing, neutral palette that anchors this living room, with its vaulted ceiling and decorative lighting, in the Asian decor tradition.

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The simple colors, pulled from nature, at as a uniting force throughout the home, as seen here in the kitchen and breakfast table.

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Balance is another important element of Asian design, in terms of color as well as texture. This living area has the softness of pills and throws but contrasts that with a slick marble floor and wooden tables.

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The low seating in this dining room is a modern take on the tradition of floor seating that is found in many Asian cultures, including Japan. A low stool is not the same as a cushion on the floor, but it has a similar effect. Beautiful dining pendants keep up with the asian vibe.

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In the first bedroom, we get a pop of color in a Mondrian-inspired piece of art. Colors like red and yellow are quite popular in Asian decor.

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A second bedroom returns to a more serene palette but has plenty of textural interest with the area rug, bedding, and curtains.

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Finally, the natural wood grain in the bathroom draws the eye to the importance of nature in the particular luxury home.

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  • Visualizer: 青沐沄杉
The second home feels somewhat similar to the first, using a similar color palette and highlighting vaulted ceilings in the main living area.

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Sculptural lighting design, like the luxurious modern chandelier in this living room, is actually another popular feature of Asian design.

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The gold and marble accents in the living room are a luxury touch that also aligns with the Asian inspiration in this home.

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The design in this main living room uses organized lines to create its air of serenity.

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The natural light in this space is enviable and again pays tribute to the importance of nature in Asian design.

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The neutral color palette in this home is a bit warmer than the first, bringing in only a light blush in the area rug.

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The overhead view gives only a small taste of the opulence of this great room.

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Gold is another popular material in Asian design, particularly aged gold. While the sconces and fixtures in this house are new, they bring a bit of antique luxury to the space.

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There is no nod to the low seating tradition in this luxury dining room, which instead embraces cushiony dining chairs.

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The dining room also make use of lovely gold accents in the light fixture as well as the place settings.

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The main living area of this home is quite literally the height of Asian-inspired luxury.

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Immediately, we are struck by the use of live plants indoors, the lush greenery showing reverence to nature.

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Natural light is allowed to stream in from virtually every angle, illuminating the greenery and bringing the outdoors inside.

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The main living area betrays a preference for a more modern style of luxury.

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Lucute dining chairs and isimple black accessories call to mind the simplicity found in many traditional Japanese homes.

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Again, shine surfaces contrast with matte finishes for a balance of styles.

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Int he bedroom, plush textures are preferred.

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More natural light, combined with simple, mid-century inspired furniture lend an elegance to the master bedroom.

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White, wood, and gray complete the calming style.

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