7 Beautiful Examples To Help You Design A Room For A Young Girl

7 Beautiful Examples To Help You Design A Room For A Young Girl

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A bedroom is such an important space for a child. As a kid, having your own room means more than privacy -- it means having a space to keep your precious possessions, to retreat with your friends, and to start to create your own identity and sense of style. But its not always easy for parents to marry their own aspirational style with their childs desire for autonomy and fun. In this post, youll see rooms designed specifically for young girls. While not all girls will have the same tastes, these rooms combine elements of whimsy, fashion, color, and fun but do so in a sophisticated way.

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  • Visualizer: Việt Dũng
While pink may seem a bit cliche for a girl’s room, in this first room, it’s used stylishly without the cloying sweetness of some designs.

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The large bed features a unique carved headboard in the shape of a tree, really encapsulating the natural yet playful look of this room.

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With plenty of storage and a creative use of color, this girl’s room is both practical and fun.

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Kids need a place to study and if it can be bright and cute, its more likely to get used.

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The pink, black and white theme is a classic look for accent pieces while practical elements like a laundry basket and flooring stay in the neutral realm.

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With curtains drawn, this fashionable young lady can pop in a movie and watch it projected on her wall.

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  • Visualizer: Andrey Korznyakov
Of course, pink does not have to be main feature in any girl’s room. This next space uses pink very sparingly to great effect.

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Coupled with pops of color, unique wall designs — whether painting or decals — can add a of fun to a girl’s room.

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Both a teepee design and a series of completely adorable animals make this particular room instantly welcoming to any youngster.

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  • Visualizer: Ira Shestopalova
For a girl that’s less “cute” and more “royal” big bold elements like a personal chandelier can go a long way while a simple desk chair maintains balance.

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Fun elements like cloud lights and bird figurines do not have to be limited to girls rooms. Any kid’s decor choices should include plenty of playfulness.

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The wall treatment in this room is particularly notable for its undone, mountain-inspired look.

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For those kids (or parents) who may trend a bit darker, there are still solutions.

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The gray look comes complete with a Cloud LED Night Light to really drive home that cool, overcast feel.

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Not to mention, the right night light can double as a toy and even a piece of artwork.

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It’s important to remember, when designing a kids room, that indoor house plants are not just for adults. In this two-toned room the window and a modern floor lamp shed plenty of light to keep greenery alive. (Ok, the lamp won’t actually keep them alive).

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The muted tones are perfect for a girl who insists on her own maturity, but isn’t quite ready to grow up.

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Open shelving encourages neatness, but might not be enough to make sure the bed is made.

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A pink pouf acts as seating while the bed and spacious desk give plenty of flexibility for doing work or just hanging out.

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The mauve pink color works very well in this space, feeling both fun and sophisticated.

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The final room moves completely away from the idea of pink, instead veering towards grays and blues.

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A gooseneck table lamp works perfectly on a large desk, nestled underneath the attic skylight.

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Further, a unique bedside table lamp adds a bit of interest to the somewhat simple sleeping area with its color as well as its shape.

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You can’t beat the way natural light streams in from a skylight — although it may make for early risers.

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  • Visualizer: Tаrаs Horoduskyy
With plenty of light and plenty of space, this cute blue room would be any little girl’s dream.

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