Light and Modern Sophistication In A Two Bedroom Apartment

Light and Modern Sophistication In A Two Bedroom Apartment

This refined two-bedroom apartment is the work of design team Vishnyakov Pokrovsky. Titled Honey White, its bright interior remains minimalist but sweetly warm, emphasizing texture and material over extraneous decoration. This streamlined approach allows classic details to take center stage – additions like elegant molding, tray ceilings, and subtle medallions lend their character to every room. On the other hand, furniture and lighting tend to stick with modern influences for an interesting contrast. And if you love the look of brass accents, this is a fantastic home to search for inspiration.

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The tour opens to a cozy living room outfitted with a mix of contemporary and mid-century inspired furniture. Abundant sunlight filters through the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling bay windows, casting shadow and enhancing the depth of the molded architectural accents used throughout. This union of traditional and trendy is best showcased by those gorgeous chevron floors in dark wood – a great modern take on the herringbone so treasured in older buildings.

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Because of the unique home layout, separate living and dining spaces would have felt like a restriction to both rooms. This sliding glass partition helps shield noise without breaking up the line of sight.

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Of course, while entertaining guests, a simple slide of the door makes it easier for visitors to mingle across each space.

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While the functionality of the space is worth admiring, so are the furniture choices. Olive green accents bring tremendous character to the space, especially to reinforce the mid-century Danish influence that went into the statement chair design. What a beautiful piece!

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The satin brass floor lamp is called Heron, a design by Michael Verheyden.

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When taken together, the green and brass and chocolate brown floors come together to foster an almost spring-like atmosphere. It’s a fresh and inviting theme with plenty of warmth.

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And the dining room! Fun design offers plenty to admire about the table and chairs, but in terms of first impressions, the unique brassy hoop pendant lights influence the rest of the space with their Art Deco flair.

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The kitchen itself remains relatively compact – an arrangement that highlights this area’s role as a social space rather than a utilitarian one.

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Marble is an interesting choice for the hexagonal tiles – a timeless material in a trending form.

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The entryway makes a stately impression with its high ceilings and eye-catching molding. A modern pendant instantly draws all eyes and offsets the classic appeal of the subtle brassy details.

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Distinctive retro-inspired green chairs create a very garden-like setting on the enclosed patio.

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In the master bedroom, an interesting take on classic wall panels continues the mixed-era theme.

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The side table lamps are from the IC Collection by Michael Anastassiades, a series very popular with brass fans and a perfect match for this elegant space.

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Hans Wegner’s famous Wishbone chair sits at the well-accessorized cantilever vanity. The fully mirrored wall is a luxurious asset for getting ready in the morning, but it also pulls double duty to reflect as much sunlight as possible back into the room.

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Color palette, furniture arrangements, and overall style make the guest bedroom appear strikingly similar to the other one – the major difference being the use of rounded furniture accessories rather than linear ones.

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One bathroom tries its hand at industrial influence, continuing the brass vanity pipes toward the left to serve a second purpose. It’s a clever addition to an otherwise already-handsome space.

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The other bathroom makes an exceptionally bold impression thanks to hexagonal tiles with dark, eye-catching grout.

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