A Pair Of Dark Themed Homes With Sophisticated Accent Colors

A Pair Of Dark Themed Homes With Sophisticated Accent Colors

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Coordinating accents within a dark-themed interior can challenge even the most creative decorator. While everything seems to go with white, black and dark grey are a little trickier especially for those who crave a more subdued design. This post looks at two wonderfully luxurious homes that bring their moody and mysterious interiors to life with smart accent color choices – the colors themselves are subtle and muted but feel larger than life against their neutral backgrounds. If youve been looking for color theme inspiration for your dark home design, this post might offer workable ideas to help you get started.

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  • Visualizer: Iryna Dzhemesiuk Vitaly Yurov
Lush greenery and luxurious materials demonstrate the sophisticated side of dark decor. Black walls and furniture step into the background so that showy pieces – like the marble media wall and the dazzling dining room chandeliers – can take center stage. The designers used rich color and unexpected patterns to express the personality of the owner so that every room tells a unique story.

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An open layout living room prevents the predominantly dark color theme from seeming too overwhelming. The marble wall serves as both an artistic statement and a divider to separate the kitchen and living areas.

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Contrast is another important theme, and it doesn’t stop at color. Thematic contrasts make a big impression, like the contemporary furniture against a classically inspired backdrop of decorative panels.

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The oversized floor lamps also feel like a modern interpretation of a beloved classic, thanks to the recognizable shape and proportion.

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While one side of the room made use of dark walls and sultry styling, the other bounces light back into the interior.

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Some of the decor almost seems influenced by the Art Deco style. The curtains, sparkling carpet, and organic curves contribute to the look.

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A surprising dash of blue breaks up the medley of wine-like hues. These ornamental cabinets have a presence and gravity that draw the eye immediately.

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Projecting from the end of the marble wall, tropical plants lend their decorative appeal to both the living room and the dining area.

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And thanks to its olive green color theme, the plants have an even greater effect here.

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Because the kitchen cabinetry is a subtle matte back with elegant lighting, it doesn’t detract from the formality of the dining arrangement. If anything, this lovely kitchen emphasizes the seriousness of the space.

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The spectacular pendants are from the Prop Light series by Bertjan Pot, and the chairs are from the Owens collection by Rodolfo Dordoni.

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A slim and streamlined breakfast bar overlooks the yard to make every morning more inspiring.

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Just like in the living room, the side of the kitchen facing the windows reflects the light back into the room with pristine white surfaces.

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The home’s colorful theme really ramps up in the bedroom. Its otherwise high contrast black-and-white interior comes alive with the addition of a technicolor rug and a handful of bright accent pieces.

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The rug shimmers with every color of the rainbow. Its pattern falls somewhere between peacock feathers and alligator scales, unifying the other diverse prints found throughout.

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Layers of texture reveal something new around every corner. Grates line the window, grey carpeting covers the floor, the brilliant rainbow rug centers the room, and smooth linens calm the eye at bedtime.

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The whimsical pig table is from Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren of the Swedish design group Front.

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From the bed, the room looks simple and relaxing. But from every other angle, it’s an exciting space sure to energize and motivate the occupant.

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And finally, here’s a shot of the modern vanity and its incredible accent wall. The human form will never fail to captivate.

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  • Visualizer: Maksym Iuriichuk
With an even darker palette, this home design makes great use of features that seem to maximize the potential of the natural lighting. Slatted glass walls give the interior the freedom of an open plan while preserving privacy when needed – Orange accents bring out the spice hidden within the mauve furniture, balanced by green plants all around.

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The living room borrows light from the bedroom as well, thanks to the slatted glass wall. Each room is separated from the others with this ethereal boundary.

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An artistic Lindsey Adelman chandelier stretches the decorative appeal to the ceiling. This is also a good view of the stylish marble coffee table below.

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The kitchen shares a line of sight with the bedroom, but a folding wall can pull out to obscure it.

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Glossy cabinetry extends the length of the far wall. Tableware, books, and decor all share the storage space easily.

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Layered textures make each perspective special and worth admiring. This home doesn’t hold back when it comes to tantalizing materials.

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In the bedroom, a subtle dark teal accent wall sets the bright yellow bed ablaze. It’s hard to ignore such a spectacular color palette, especially in a space as traditionally subdued as the bedroom.

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Orange textiles reinforce the summery theme and a strong black-and-white striped rug sets down a striking foundation. The sense of contrast makes this space extraordinary.

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Upon waking, residents are surely energized and excited by the vibrant colors that surround. But the palette is far from distracting: all of the brightness is limited to the bed, whereas the rest of the room takes on a more relaxing aesthetic.

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