See The Tel Aviv Skyline Reflected In This Gorgeous Modern Home

See The Tel Aviv Skyline Reflected In This Gorgeous Modern Home

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Designed by Partizki Liani Architects, this incredible home relishes its elevated view of the coastal Tel Aviv skyline. Glossy surfaces stretch this view far into the depths of the home to maximize its effect on the interior. The skyline isnt just part of the view – it becomes part of the home itself. This residence occupies 168 m², laid out in a logical L-shape to guide the flow of traffic throughout the home, the interior passageways designed to frame the most aesthetically interesting views of the city outside. Its hard to find a luxury property more contextually-sensitive than this one! Its a home you have to see to believe.

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  • Architect: Partizki Liani Architects
Perhaps the most striking feature is the glossy ceiling that reflects the cityscape below, much like a scene from Inception. The effect is beautiful yet surreal – it becomes part of the home, rather than simply a feature.

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The reflective ceiling draws the city into the home in the most intimate way, interacting with every movement and change that occurs in the bustling city below.

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The layout’s clever L-shape provides a unique way to segregate and divide spaces without excessive enclosure. Footpaths follow a logical and guided progression.

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Indoor and outdoor connectivity is important. The architects didn’t hide the frames and support structure, instead choosing to celebrate their functionality and aesthetic.

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It’s hard to ignore the beautiful interior staging. The furniture choices are extremely significant and well curated, with selections from Hans J. Wegner and Eero Saarinen among other greats.

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Classic rugs take a completely different approach from the rest of the furniture, offering a touch of traditional ornament within an almost-minimalistic interior.

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Residents can easily rearrange the lightweight chairs and tables to suit the occasion, whether entertaining or spending time at home.

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The lighting is adjustable to create the desired mood as well. All of the ceiling and floor lamps in the living area are the work of famous French designer Serge Mouille.

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Did you notice the unique television stand? It’s a raw and industrial choice, and definitely in line with the brilliant architecture.

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In these black and white images, it’s easier to notice the effect of contrast on this interior – the contrast between dark and light, city and home, curve and angle.

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With a setting as beautiful as this one, it would make sense for residents to choose simple furniture to avoid overshadowing the environment in any way.

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Each passage is well-planned to expose the residents to powerful views while entering or exiting a room.

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This angle frames the skyscrapers flawlessly.

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Mirrors, glass, and weightless white surfaces make up the bedroom palette. A freestanding tub is the ultimate luxurious touch, easily shielded by airy curtains.

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Rough stone gives the bathroom an incredibly natural aesthetic without compromising on modern sensibilities.

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Full-wall mirrors may confuse the eye, but they offer an infinite view worth admiring.

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Glass, stone, mirrors, wood, and more – this particular angle shows how modern and traditional elements can work together to create something fresh and inspiring.

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The mirror in the bedroom serves an important purpose by offering privacy in the otherwise open bathroom.

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Without the help of the generous home windows, this bathroom feels dark and moody unlike any other.

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The rest of the home emphasizes minimalism. This bathroom makes a point to highlight the complexity of its natural cladding.

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What an incomparable way to relax at the end of the day!

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