Product Of The Week: Braava jet Mopping Robot

Product Of The Week: Braava jet Mopping Robot

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While the Roomba can be a formidable vacuum cleaning robot that can rid your floors of dust, the tougher job of mopping needs a specialist. If clean, unassisted, fully automated mopping is what you are looking for, we recommend you the Braava jet Mopping Robot. Here is why we like this neat little bot. The small size enables it to manoeuvre itself to even hard-to-reach places. It doesn’t harm furniture or accidentally spray walls and is intelligent enough to avoid rugs or falling off stairs.

We really love the thought they have put into its design. The handle swings in neatly to fit with the body when not in use. And you don’t need to touch the dirty pad to remove it. At just the push of a button it ejects itself and can fall off into the trash.

You can get in on Amazon here.

Watch the video: Watch the iRobot Braava Jet mop up mess (July 2022).


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