An Engineers Incredible High-Tech Dream Home

An Engineers Incredible High-Tech Dream Home

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Designed for an engineer with a strong interest in anything mechanical and technological, this dream home started with a humble concept for a rural cottage but quickly grew into something else entirely. And the result is breathtaking! At the beginning of this amazing project, the client only had two basic requirements: that it should have a flat pitched roof and enough room for his collection of cars and motorcycles. After more than five years of planning and collaboration with architect Harald Eppler and the home technology innovators at GIRA, construction began on the fully tech-powered residence you see below.

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The home is composed of two distinct volumes, creatively offset to create four working levels. Glass and metal cladding give the upper cantilever environment an industrial appeal that speaks to the client’s interests and personality.

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One of the few “must have” provisions from the client, the pitched flat roof, creates a dynamic and energetic profile from every angle thanks to its cutting modern lines.

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Perhaps most fascinating of all is how the substantial cantilever volume seems so weightlessly perched atop walls of glass.

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The window placement isn’t just aesthetic, but carefully planned to take advantage of the surroundings. The northeast portions are closed off to shield the interior from neighbors, with panels above to catch the sunrise. The southwest edges of the home remain completely open to the picturesque landscape.

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While the top structure is clad in pre-weathered titanium zinc, the bottom portion maintains a low profile with dark finished concrete and matching garage doors.

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From this angle, the cantilever seems even more substantial. It extends a full seven meters from the walls below it – a feature the engineer client surely appreciates.

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The interior reveals a more nuanced exploration of the client’s personality. Extreme attention to detail brings life to each fixture and feature, and the technological solutions bring life to the structure itself.

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Red leather, characteristic concrete, and granite floors make up the primary materials used throughout. Lighting fixtures and other metallic details reflect the client’s background in metalworking.

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While the main vehicle collection lives downstairs, this favorite piece stands like a proud sculpture for guests to appreciate from any of the open social areas like the living room, the kitchen, or even the pool.

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Exposed structural supports emphasize the resident’s interest in engineering while providing visitors with a fascinating insight into the architectural principals that allow buildings as inspiring as this one to exist.

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The kitchen remains simple and utilitarian compared to the rest of the home. But this view does reveal a hint at the tech-centric nature of the home: the touchscreen panel to the right controls the Gira system, which can adjust the window shades, temperature, media playback, security, and so much more.

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Of course, it’s hard to let this space pass by without mentioning the convenient position to appreciate the backyard and pool deck while preparing meals.

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Here’s a peek at the rustic and traditional dining room theme, a comfortable and intimate affair complete with an even more comfortable selection of wine.

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The main hallways wrap around the border of the home rather than cutting straight through the center, likely to allow a more fluid connection with the outdoors.

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The window blinds automatically adjust to the outside conditions thanks to the intelligent energy-saving features implemented within the Gira building control system.

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Here’s where all the magic happens. The vehicles in the background are certainly impressive, but the big server rack packs a lot of power too. Most of the automated environmental control and media systems are processed right here.

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Those gorgeous Revox speakers (outfitted with red leather) are part of the smart home system. Music is controlled by a phone or tablet, and available just about anywhere in the home thanks to recessed speakers in the ceilings throughout.

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Soaking up that gorgeous view, a freestanding tub offers more than just a place to get clean but also a place to cleanse the soul. The landscape below is protected by zoning laws to ensure the outlook remains just as breathtaking in the future.

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A convenient storage cabinet serves as a divider in the bathroom. It also houses touch controls to integrate with the Gira system to adjust room temperature, raise or lower the shades, play music – just in case the resident forgot to bring a phone.

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What car lover wouldn’t appreciate seeing their sharp reflection as they pull in from a quiet Sunday drive? This mirrored overhang can accommodate.

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The detail of the home architecture and the serenity of the surrounding environment surely offer the resident endless opportunities to reflect on the contrasts and interactions between technology and nature.

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