A Pair Of Childrens Bedrooms With Sophisticated Themes

A Pair Of Childrens Bedrooms With Sophisticated Themes

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When it comes to designing spaces for kids, pristine and perfectly coordinated childhood bedrooms arent as common in real life as they are in the magazines – toys on the floor and posters covering the walls might be a contributing factor. But those idyllic retreats are still fun to think about and appreciate! This post examines a pair of sophisticated kids rooms, each with a bold black and white theme. These designs are especially interesting because of how flexible they are, and how their neutral colors and prints would be easy to adapt to suit the changing preferences of the young residents as they grow.

  • 1 |
  • Architect: Kupinskiy Partners
  • Visualizer: Elena Sedova
The first bedroom enjoys a palette of charcoal black, light gray, baby pink, and a few accents of natural wood. It’s not overly childish but still has that essential whimsical flair and mystery that can spark the imagination at any age. Little surprises delight the eye and help express the personality of the young resident through carefully curated detail. The closer you look, the more there is to love!

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Soft gossamer materials take center stage and help to cultivate a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Layered curtains allow light to flood the bedroom with illumination, balancing out the dark feature walls to the left and right.

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Artwork plays an important role by adding a personal and expressive touch. This playfully arranged group of frames features photos, typography, and prints of tiny animals. The frames are lovely and minimalistic.

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What an amazing swinging chair! It hangs from the ceiling, positioned just right to provide the slightly higher vantage point necessary for a young child to enjoy the view out the window. This would be a great place to relax and enjoy a book after a long day at school.

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Speaking of school, the small wall-mounted desk helps save space and provides a practical place to study or doodle. The string lights are just too cute, and the lamp to the right can be adjusted to focus on the bed for nighttime reading.

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Although the string lights are sure to be a favorite of this room’s young owner, the other lighting features are equally amazing and worth a mention. Recessed lighting draws attention to the far wall, and two fluffy pendants create a focal point at the center of the room.

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A closer look reveals luxurious details that add another dimension of charm – like the brass accents on the desk and wall lamp, and the silky damask print on the pillows.

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Inspirational phrases like “all you need is love” and “if you’re waiting for a sign” help this bedroom achieve a nurturing and positive atmosphere, and offer a source of passive encouragement.

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  • Architect: Kupinskiy Partners
  • Visualizer: Elena Sedova
Next up, let’s look at the bedroom designed with a young boy in mind. This one is just as simple as sleek as the previous room, but this space features a fun animal theme more suited to younger children. Immediately visitors notice two major features: the cool geometric wallpaper on the left, and the minimalistic cat with a background of polka dots on the right. It’s a fun space ready for adventure and play.

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And check out these fun lighting elements! On the right, “sleeping = boring” echoes the sentiments of every child, in big luminescent letters. Moooi’s famous Random Lights hang near the bed and a row of bright houses make a cheerful impression on the left.

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Inside the houses, you’ll notice the light comes from neon-style lettering. It’s a fun and personal touch, and might be possible to recreate at home even if the letters didn’t light up.

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Joining the sassy cat is an adorable illustration of a big fluffy bear cuddling a tiny rabbit.

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Of course, no young person’s room is complete without a place to study and do homework in the evening. This desk is super minimalistic but contains plenty of storage, and has a nice stylish swivel chair to go with it.

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The tripod desk lamp offers a functional source of task lighting for the desk, and the child can easily turn it around in case they want to finish reading a book beneath the blankets before bed. The other room used this technique too, and it’s pretty smart!

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While the rest of the room highlights its clean lines and sleek design, the bed goes all-out for comfort. The mocha tones create a relaxing atmosphere, and the pile of decorative pillows has infinite snuggle appeal.

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Another lamp and chair provide an additional spot for reading or daydreaming. It’s also sized large enough for an adult, so mom or dad can sit down for a chat.

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The position of the reading nook is just perfect – the books likely come from a shelf in the closet. Having such extensive closet space is probably the reason this room looks so clean and pristine too. It must come in handy when it’s time to pick up toys!

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Geometric themes are extremely popular among design-oriented adults, but there’s nothing stopping kids from getting a kick out of unique furniture like the faceted table next to the bed.

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With such a subtle design, it’s easy to pass right over the door. White doorknobs are not a common feature, so it’s nice to see an example of how lovely they can look! Also notice how it’s the handle style rather than a traditional twist-knob – this variety is much easier for small children to use.

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Modern furniture, adorable characters, chic design – it’s the perfect mix of fun and sophisticated, a space that adults and children alike can appreciate.

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