3 Open Layout Interiors With Yellow As The Highlight Color

3 Open Layout Interiors With Yellow As The Highlight Color

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Open layouts offer such a convenient and effective way to brighten a home and make it feel larger. The downside is that everything is constantly within view at all times, leading to extra effort coordinating decorations and layouts. Each functional area must work well with the others. This post features three distinctive homes that stick to a single interior accent color as a unifying theme, one of the easier and more versatile ways to approach the open layout situation. Why yellow decor accents? It seems like every shade of yellow has its own unique personality and this expressiveness makes it ideal for wide open spaces.

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  • Designer: Petro Buchok, Grits Boychuk, Roma Verbishchuk
Rich goldenrod makes up the majority of this interior decor theme, with a few touches of red and orange sprinkled about for emphasis. So many people are afraid to decorate with yellow because it’s usually visualized as a bold color but this subdued hue shows that yellow can be just as relaxing and as stylish as anything else. This apartment fits within a reasonable 73-square-meter floor plan, which may have influenced the choice of such a calm shade of yellow since lower-saturation choices tend to embrace mismatched tones whereas higher saturations are slightly less adaptable.

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Eclectic contemporary decor takes on a mostly geometric theme with just the slightest hint of industrial influence. The lights are from Tom Dixon’s widely-available Beat collection. The adjustable task lamp is a cool touch too!

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The color accents tend to emphasize the larger pieces of furniture, like the breakfast bar and the sofa. Even the floor-to-ceiling curtains are aglow with radiant gold. Note the innovative entertainment panel with its glossy squares that help the television blend into the background for a smooth look.

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In the bedroom, a mellow bedspread and curtain continues the yellow palette. A singular piece of art hangs on the wall, reminiscent of zebra stripes. The pendant lights are from the Pipe collection by Tom Dixon.

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This stylish office is accessible through glass sliding doors leading from the bedroom. With the blinds open, the sunlight can pour in from the bedroom. And don’t you just love that patterned wallpaper? Of course, to continue the theme, cheerful yellow cabinets provide some room for extra storage.

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What a fantastic kitchen! Charcoal stools and lower cabinets meet sleek yellow cabinets, with the pull-grooves treated with the opposite color. A geometric tile backsplash in neutral tan sits in the middle.

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Art is always a great way to make a first impression in an entryway. These geometric prints (and two blank canvases in the back) give visitors a little taste of the design themes they’re about to enjoy.

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Because rooms like the bathroom and office are so private, it’s far less risky to use bold saturated colors. Sunny yellow is desirable in the bathroom because it makes up for the lack of windows, whereas it makes a brilliant match for the office because of its energetic properties.

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Yellow tiles brighten this efficient bathroom in a big way. It’s compact but makes fantastic use of its space with an under-cabinet washer and dryer. Despite its size, it doesn’t hold back on the luxurious soak tub.

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  • Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja
Striking accents turn this grayscale interior from attractive to unforgettable. Where other homes tend to use accent colors to draw attention to big-ticket items like sofas and tables, this home is unique in that it uses many small bursts of vivid color in the most surprising places: books arranged in a loose rainbow pattern buck the all-white binding trend, a photo of a woman in a yellow rain coat immediately catches the eye of visitors, etc. and you’ll see even more fine examples in the following visualizations. If you’re looking for inexpensive color accent ideas, don’t miss this one!

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The flowers, the reflectors inside the dining pendant lamps, the Edison bulbs over the kitchen island… a nice variety of yellows.

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With the singular yellow kitchen bar stools, every other minor yellow detail in the kitchen seems to stand out. A set of spice jars and a decorative fruit bowls means that you can turn everyday groceries into beautiful colorful accents – as long as your chosen color is common in the food world, that is.

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The brick backsplash is especially nice. It’s likely covered with some type of acrylic panel to keep moisture and food debris from mucking up the surface.

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Perfectly coordinated with the breakfast barstools pictured previously, these soft dining chairs look absolutely smooth and luxurious. The dancing chain of cuboctahedrons complements the modernistic aesthetic.

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  • Visualizer: Oleksii Karman
Heavy industrial features and light whimsical accents make this home quite interesting. Concrete surfaces are balanced by the light parquet floors, the heavy cement staircase contrasts with the playful framed art, and the hard edges give the soft woven rug and pale yellow sofa combination an extra chic appeal through smart contrast. Opposing themes become a cohesive style – this unique approach seems to reveal a great amount of hidden character within each detail.

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A freestanding fireplace unit divides the kitchen and the living room area, with a simple dining arrangement straddling the boundary between.

  • 18 |
It’s nice how these polished brass-toned tables reflect the yellow of the couch.

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The other side of the fireplace divider features shelves of varying heights to accommodate containers of every size. Each container is finished with the same glossy white with no visible markings, so it’s quite possible to forget which spices or dry goods are in which jars, but the varied sizes and precise arrangements could make this idea work.

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Blue, gray, and rust-colored tiles ensure the kitchen carries a completely different aesthetic than the living space. Although they are visually connected, each one feels distinctive yet intertwined.

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