A Modern Flat with Striking Texture and Dark Styling

A Modern Flat with Striking Texture and Dark Styling

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This luxurious home in Kiev is the work of designers Vitaly Yurov and Iryna Dzhemesiuk, a cozy and comfortable space decorated with rich textures in high contrast grayscale. Grayscale color themes are fun to work with because theyre easy to adapt as trends change, as theres always a great variety of relevant accent colors that look great against a dark neutral background. Within this flat, a great deal of personality comes from the dramatic textures rather than any extraneous decoration - creative blend of modern and classic materials with just the right hint of wood thrown in for warmth.

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  • Visualizer: Vitaly Yurov Iryna Dzhemesiuk
Alternating matte and gloss checkerboard wall panels offer a subtle style that softens the interior. Rounded pillows, spherical lamps, and flowing curtains also take some of the edge out of the straight lines that make up the overall structure of the furniture.

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Low profile sofa and table are arranged above a dark rug, its somewhat off-center placement making the space feel a little more open and less rigid.

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Adorable miniaturized wing chairs still embody the idea of opulence with their diamond-tufted leather and velvet upholstery. These are from the Monster collection by Marcel Wanders.

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A large and detailed portrait serves as an engaging focal point.

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This angle really showcases the layers and distribution of texture throughout the living room and kitchen.

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Floor to ceiling curtains make the space feel slightly taller. The polished white ceiling helps preserve some of the light from the windows, which do not reach from floor to ceiling.

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The library benefits from a splash of burgundy color on the bookshelf.

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This playful oversizedfloor lamp was designed by Ferran Estela and Nereo Delgado.

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Rounded corners and gorgeous curves help to set the dining room apart from the rest of the open floor plan.

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One bedroom boasts a few pale yellow accents.

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The tufted upholstery on the bedframe is a nice counterbalance to the crisp tactile pinstripe wall behind it.

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Oversized veneer panels occupy a corner to the left.

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A colorful set of books peeks out from the bookshelves in this glass-doored office.

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This small office effortlessly houses two desks for back-to-back working. With architect’s lamps and metal filing boxes, this office seems to have a subtle industrial aesthetic influence.

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This second bedroom features the same wall textures used in the living room. Large rounded lights smooth out the aesthetic and the dancing Shiva idol provides a point of interest.

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A single brass statue adds to the wood and gray theme.

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Glass closets are brilliant! Imagine choosing what you want to wear for the day without getting out of the warm bed in the morning. Drawers and storage boxes provide hidden spaces for the unmentionables.

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Closets also happen to take up a lot of space, so the transparent doors help to extend the perceived size of the room.

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Fine black stripes create a stunning play on the mirror backlighting and add a modernistic contrast to the classic marble tiles. The mirror is unusual in that it reaches all the way to the ceiling, but it’s quite an eye-catching addition!

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