A Design Lab to Foster Interior Ideas

A Design Lab to Foster Interior Ideas

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Casa Cor is an annual design event that brings together architects and designers to showcase their talents through the design of individual spaces within a large venue. The 2015 Casa Cor is taking place at the Villa Aymoré in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To celebrate the event, Gisele Taranto Architecture has partnered with LZ studio to create what they have termed LAB LZ by GT. This space is a design laboratory meant to inspire the sharing of ideas so that anyone who steps inside wants to fully participate in the experience.While the lab is essentially a meeting and conference space - both for local attendees and those that attend virtually from other countries - the design has many interesting and creative elements that invite people to stay a while and nurture their own interesting ideas.

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The overall theme of the space comes from the idea of layers. The retaining wall and ceiling are left bare as an introductory layer, but other surfaces have design built on top of them. Simple gauzy curtains add a layer to the wall, as to shelving and art.

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A common area is the perfect place for weary attendees to rest on a soft leather sofa.

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Unique end tables decorate the area – shaped like blocks of cheese and oversized wine corks for a bit of funky whimsy.

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A reading area features a custom neon sign as well as plenty of design books, making it ideal for a bit of artistic inspiration.

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The meeting space feels much more homey and welcoming than most conference rooms. Mismatched chairs include different materials and shapes, with one lucky conference goer getting to claim a lacquered wood porch swing that dangles from the ceiling.

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The floor is a particularly interesting exercise in layers with broken mirror fragments layered underneath a clear, smooth finish.

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