3 Takes on Modern Apartment Design

3 Takes on Modern Apartment Design

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Modern living seems to be what everyone strives for in one way or another. Even the throwback artisans that want to make their own candles and bake bread from scratch do not shy away from modern conveniences like washing machines and the internet. The three apartments featured in this post, each of which measures in at 60 square meters (645 square feet), uses modern sensibilities and style to create welcoming, beautiful homes for their inhabitants. Take a look inside these three apartments from designer Kostya Entaltsev.

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The first space is actually a townhouse. Multiple levels use the same dreamy white and gray colorscape to create a modern, sophisticated look. Vertical lines and subtle stripes are a theme throughout, from room dividers to light fixtures to wall paneling. The upstairs bedroom uses the same striped theme and a low platform bed for an ultimately soothing aesthetic.

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The second home is a bit wilder than the first, largely due to the more intense color palette that uses streaks and pops of a bright cherry red throughout. The red kitchen cabinetry is decadent while more reserved red decor in the bedroom keep the theme without turning the space into a den of iniquity.

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The last apartment has a softer, more feminine feel, complete with modern chandeliers and cool violet tones. Gauzy curtains and plenty of soft lighting make the home welcoming, calm, and modern.

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