Two Sleek Apartments with Interior Glass Walls

Two Sleek Apartments with Interior Glass Walls

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The two apartments featured in this post are similar in style though each has its own personality. The simple, sleek designs of both homes call to mind a minimalism, if they are not entirely minimalist. Further uniting the two spaces is the use of interior glass walls that provide separation between rooms and much-needed privacy without actually closing anything in or keeping anything out. Take a look inside these two homes and imagine what type of creative mind might be at home here.

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  • Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev
The first apartment is is a visualization for a creative family, with an artist and sculptor intending to take up residence. The open floorplan is broken up by interior glass walls, which allow for both like and privacy when necessary. The dark, rich hues are reminiscent of a dreary autumn day, which is surely why the style of this home has been described as “soft brutalism.” An accent wall in the main living area looks like the bark peeling off a dying tree while a burnt orange sofa represents those last falling leaves.

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Not every part of the home is quite so dreary, however. Both the bedroom and a conversation nook by the large window in the main living area are rather bright. Though the tones stick to neutral, natural sunlight provides a bit of warmth and levity. The Flos Mod 265 swing arm wall lamp adds to the drama.

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  • Visualizer: Katie Domracheva
The second house brings in a bit more color and tends towards the warm, natural colors of the earth. For instance, a natural wood covers large swaths of the ceiling and acts as custom shelving a well. Even more appealing to a nature lover is the vertical garden in the living room, bringing the bursts of spring color right into the room, no matter what the actual season.

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Playfully matched patterns take this space away from the more brutalist style. Striped wall texture, patterned tile floors and modern white brick all work together to create a bit of warmth without sacrificing the overall sleek look or atmosphere.

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