A Midcentury Inspired Apartment with Scandinavian Tendencies

A Midcentury Inspired Apartment with Scandinavian Tendencies

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The midcentury style might have become a bit of a cliche, but when it serves as the inspiration for a space rather than full on theme, it is much more successful. That is easy to see in this Saint Petersburg apartment design for a young couple. The team at INT2 Architecture uses a few carefully chosen midcentury pieces as a nod to the stylish time in design history, but weaves them in with a broader, more modern feel that is largely inspired by Scandinavian design. The resulting 60 square meter (645 square feet) apartment is lovely, bright, and certainly not cliche.

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The main entryway and living room benefit from large amounts of natural light. The design takes full advantage of these rays by using plenty of light colors, including a soft cashmere gray for the sofa, a light wood flooring, and white walls. In the entryway, a creative wood slat design acts as an open coat closet and creative room divider.

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Retro influences define the furniture selection, apparent in the curves of the mid century modern coffee table legs and the tapered legs of the credenza and side chair.

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Looking into the living room from the kitchen area we can see one of the most prominent midcentury pieces in a beautiful credenza. Its simple design is firmly anchored in that midcentury modern look, but still manages to be ultimately timeless. The coffee table in the living room has that same feel, with its just barely rounded legs and beautiful wood finish.

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In the kitchen and living room a playful personality comes through by way of checked blue wallpaper and a magnetic chalkboard wall. This type of design really celebrates creative expression, allowing the home’s occupants to continue to participate in the design of their home long after the initial build out is over. The black Eames style chairs are almost a given in a space like this but the color plays well with the magnet wall without putting a damper on the otherwise whimsical room.

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The bedroom, bath, and closet taken a love of neutrals to a new level. Everything has its place, as is so necessary in the Scandinavian style, while lots of black, white, and nice neutral wood create a comfortable canvas on which to paint your dreams.

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