An Opulent Chinese Mansion Straight Out of the 80s

An Opulent Chinese Mansion Straight Out of the 80s

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The beauty of interior design is that no matter what the current trends, the best spaces take inspiration from current styles and marry them to retro or vintage looks to create something thats ultimately unique. This opulent house with a clearly modern exterior and structure uses interior elements that have a distinct feel that is quite far removed from the more minimalist spaces we tend to feature. Indeed, much of the home feels like the home of a wealthy widow with exotic tastes from a 1980s show like Dynasty. Either way, its certainly fun to glimpse around this design from 爱 设计 (Love Design).

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The exterior has a modern gothic feel to it, with different levels stacked haphazardly on top of one another and jutting out in different directions. It’s as if the Addams Family had to buy a new house and no turrets or widow’s walks were allowed.

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Inside the home, those levels become tall, decadent spaces with massively high ceilings. To take advantage of this vertical space, dangling chandeliers that seem inspired by paper cranes and cherry blossoms hang down to fill the volume.

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The materials of the home have their own indulgent aura as well. Along with those satin pillows are polished marble floors, driftwood carved into a bar, and lots of stone – both inside and out.

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Unlike so many homes featured here, everywhere you turn in this house is another large piece of furniture or display of some sort. Folding screens, sofas, heavy coffee tables, suspended shelving and shiny satin throw pillows really fill up the large space.

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Although the home is stuffed full of furniture that seems to shout about the owner’s desire for things to put on display, there are still tucked away spaces for private relaxation, including an inviting bedroom for a teenage boy, a pretty pink bathroom with a deep porcelain soaking tub and, of course, a lot of private closet space.

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