Interior Design For Musicians: 2 Music Themed Home Designs

Interior Design For Musicians: 2 Music Themed Home Designs

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No matter who we are, the place we live reflects our deepest thoughts, dreams, and preferences. But when we are creative people, that is perhaps even more true. The two home featured here both belong to musicians. It is clear that their love of creativity and music in particular inform their design choices. When you are able to surround yourself with art in this way, it can provide a welcome inspiration in those times you need it the most.

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  • Visualizer: Victoria Oseyko
The first space is home to a musician, his wife who is a photographer, and their two children. The space measures 135 square meters (1453 square feet). The living areas are communal for the entire family, but the space also includes a photo lab, a music studio, and a gallery.

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The main living area, with its electric teal sofa and guitars on display is reminiscent of the rock and roll days of yore. The frosted glass in particular makes you feel as though you are about to bump into a music luminary on your way to a meeting with an important AR man.

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The kitchen and dining area are exuberant if not entirely spacious. The teal color carries through into the kitchen cabinetry while unique photography watches over the small but cozy dining table.

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Bedrooms for the parents and older child, plus a nursery for the baby, offer not only privacy but also personality. Each has its own colors and graphic elements while still working to form a cohesive design throughout the house.

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  • Visualizer: Oleh Vynarchyk
The second space is just the living room of an apartment what was designed for a young couple. It is not difficult to guess that John Lennon is a major inspiration for the occupants of this particular flat. The living room is divided into a small work area and a larger guest area. Custom shelving, comfortable seating and a large graphic portrait of John Lennon mean the space is certainly inspirational, but also welcoming for friends and family.

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