Stunning Home Perched on a Slope with Atlantic Ocean Views

Stunning Home Perched on a Slope with Atlantic Ocean Views

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An essential part of any architects job is to take full advantage of the site they are working with. In this South African home from the architectural team at SAOTA, that was even more of a challenge than normal. The site of this stunning single family house features spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay, and the Twelve Apostles, but also steeply sloped land. In order to make a level space so that there would be room to live comfortably, the architects elevated the main level and set the ground floor into the side of the slope. The different segments of the design are then connected by a glass bridge that lets light in from the North, into the bedrooms and common areas. The resulting home looks as if it tracks along the natural slope of the ground, melding beautiful with the natural surroundings while still creating its own beautiful silhouette.

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