Eclectic Single Bedroom Apartment With Open Floor Plan

Eclectic Single Bedroom Apartment With Open Floor Plan

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The hits just keep coming from the design team at INT2. In this post, well explore a 69 square meter (742 square foot) apartment in Minsk, Belarus. The space is not particularly large, but as we have seen in previous projects from these talented designers, it does not take excessive floor space to create a beautiful and welcoming home. Whats more important is that each piece is perfectly chosen to fit with an overall atmosphere and purpose, just as we will see here.

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The general floorplan is quite open, with only the bedrooms and bathrooms being closed off from the rest of the house. This allows natural light to filter in for most of the day, keeping this bright and warm.

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The design utilizes a mixture of a warm industrial trend with vintage, upcycled pieces. For instance, the caged bulb next to the warm leather sling chair is made from a vintage barn pulley and the headboard in the bedroom is a repurposed vintage door.

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Mixing these different time periods and style gives the apartment an eclectic and warm feel, creating a sense of personality and life. It is this type of design that makes even a casual visitor want to settle in and stay for a long stretch.

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Storage is an issue to address in any type of design. Using a vertical bicycle rack, the residents of this apartment can turn a utilitarian object into its own work of art, while also preserving floorspace on their simple but bright enclosed terrace.

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A custom mural in the bedroom is a loud shout to the personal tastes of the occupants. It’s watching eyes and high contrast design might be unsettling for some, but for these homeowners puts a unique stamp on their private space.

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The partition in the living room, made from carefully chosen cinderblocks is distinct and decidedly cool, but not overly fussy or fancy. The contrast between the rectangular and round designs in the bricks gives it a special artistic element.

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A small bathroom with built in laundry tucked under the counter is a finishing touch on this efficient but stylish design.

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