Designing A Super Stylish Party Pad: The Oh!dessa Apartment

Designing A Super Stylish Party Pad: The Oh!dessa Apartment

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When entertaining friends and family is a key part of your lifestyle, that has to be built into your space. This apartment from the design at 2Bgroup incorporates the owners own comfortable modern style with her desire to play hostess for anything from dinners to sleepovers. For its sophisticated and eye-catching style, the team has termed it the oh!dessa apartment. Lets take a look inside.

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This cheeky cover photo is surely a shoutout to the penchant for parties in this space. What’s a night on the floor when your friend has a crash pad like this?

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The apartment adheres to absolute minimalism when it comes to doors and windows, instead relying on columns, curtains, and elevations to create room divisions.

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With a mixture of concrete and wood, the design certainly takes a turn towards warm industrial, though the designers didn’t set out to make a modern loft.

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A cozy dining table is perfect for a small dinner party but doesn’t feel overwhelming on those nights home alone.

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From this angle, the openness of the space is readily apparent.

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Hardwood floors and low pile carpet is easy to clean in case of a party emergency. Plus a soft place to land is perfect for anyone who has one too many.

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A cozy reading nook and exposed brick make for a welcoming entryway to be sure.

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The massive closet is actually a walk through rather than a walk in – you have to pass through it to get from the master bedroom to the bath.

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With it’s subtle molded walls the bedroom manages to soften out the industrial vibe, which is perfect for a good night’s sleep.

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Though the style is very open, each room, from bedroom to guest bath, is carefully arranged so that wherever a guest goes, both he and the host have the privacy they need.

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Not exactly your run of the mill double basin in this stylish space.

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By adding the bookshelves to the window wall, designers were able to keep the rest of the walls completely free from objects, resulting in an amazingly open feeling for this 180 square meter (1937 square foot) apartment.

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Soft lighting throughout, with the use of various hanging fixtures, adds to the chilled out cocktail party atmosphere.

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Taking openness to the extreme, the apartment actually includes a transparent glass bath.

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