Two Cheerful Apartments with Creative Storage and Splashes of Color

Two Cheerful Apartments with Creative Storage and Splashes of Color

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Sometimes all it takes is some carefully placed splashes of color to really bring a space to life. In these two apartments, meticulously designed by the Ukraine-based team at Mooseberry Design, we can see just what a difference some vibrance can make.

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In the living room, the use of color is eye-popping.

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In the custom sofa design, we almost get the illusion of three separate sofas in one while proving that ‘coordinating’ isn’t synonymous with ‘matching.’

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And the addition of the Union Jack area rug is nothing if not a little cheeky.

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The living room opens into the breakfast area and kitchen, with a pair of lime green chairs for each.

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In the bedroom we find one of the most common loft elements: a concrete wall. Pairing the cool grey with oranges and red, the room immediately becomes more welcoming.

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And a cityscape wall decal offers even more personality.

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The bathroom, kept mainly in white and natural wood, is actually open to the main room, but tucked behind a wall for privacy.

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The first apartment is actually a micro loft that doesn’t have a lot of extra space to play with.

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The second space from Mooseberry is more of a traditional apartment (meaning it actually has doors on its bathroom).

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The living room is bright and sunny with personal touches in the gallery wall and geometric throw pillows.

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The dining area consists of both a small table and a breakfast bar. Mismatched chair cushions are a whimsical touch.

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The kitchen is largely white and has a country chic style with splashes of pink and red.

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The front entryway features a cute shoe storage solution for an otherwise easily cluttered space.

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Robin’s egg blue walls are positive and pretty.

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Bicycle storage can also be an issue in urban apartments. Offering a stylish solution can go a long way towards making city live livable.

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A tucked away home office space is free from distractions, but not from style.

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The lovely pastel palette comes into the bedroom in the form of a luminous seafoam green.

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Faux shadow boxes manage to store books while making themselves a feature on their own.

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The bathroom is the only space where we find a bit of darkness in the form of jewel tone tiles.

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