Karakoy Loft Uses Rich Wood Features and Creative Industrial Elements

Karakoy Loft Uses Rich Wood Features and Creative Industrial Elements

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This stunning project from the design team at Istanbul’s Ofist is truly one of a kind. The loft, designed specifically for a bachelor client, has a variety of creative features that are not just beautiful but tailored to the physical experience of the space. We’re delighted to be able to give you a look inside this inspiring home.

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Upon a first look into the living room, you are instantly struck by the warm wood ceiling and sweeping wide windows.

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Of course, a massive couch to welcome visitors is also a focal point.

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The windows fold open to turn the living room into its own balcony, since the apartment’s architecture lacks that feature.

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The entry way is tucked out of the way but also spotlights a couple of selections from the owner’s art collection.

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The colors pop nicely against the cool concrete walls.

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The dining area, which slows easily into the open kitchen, also features a sleek fireplace and plenty of storage for entertaining (e.g., an extensive bar collection).

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The minimalist industrial-style staircase is perhaps one of the most captivating features of this modern loft.

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Its metal steps seems almost to disappear from certain angles and leave the space feeling open and interesting.

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A creatively affixed handrail comes down from the ceiling but does not sacrifice style for safety.

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Upstairs, the room is even more enveloped in that lovely iroko wood.

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Angled skylights give plenty of sun to both levels of the home.

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The storage shelves around the perimeter of the space do leave things out in the open, but encourage tidiness and creativity.

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The lofted bedroom is simple and sunny.

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Back downstairs a spacious kitchen utilizes the same storage structure for flatware and pantry storage.

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While a center island leaves space for any amount of meal preparation.

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The cement based floors throughout the house were chosen for their barefoot appeal.

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The glass walled bathroom may not offer a lot in terms of privacy, but it’s spacious and elegant.

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Marble walls in the shower are both practical and beautiful.

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Exposed plumbing at this bathroom sink is the height of industrial chic.

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Design Office: Ofist
Design Team: Yasemin Arpac Sabahattin Emir
Electrical Works: Birtes Elektrik
Mechanical Works: DSM Muhendislik
Wood Works: Aren Dekorasyon
Metal Works: Sen Metal
Stone Works: Oktay Yegin
Paint Works: Ali Aksu
Cement Based Surface: Hit Design
Photography: Koray Erkaya

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