Beautiful Balinese Style House In Hawaii

Beautiful Balinese Style House In Hawaii

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Located on the big island, this Hawaiian home has been decorated in a modern, sumptuous Balinese style that was inspired by temples and traditional palaces. Created by Olson Kundig Architects, this striking build is fully submerged the Indonesian theme, including décor, furnishings and artefacts.

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Raised up on a picturesque promontory of volcanic rock, the exterior of this tropical home is a strong contemporary vision, with broad overhangs to shade the interior quarters from the blazing Hawaiian sunshine. An infinity pool stretches out alongside a selection of mature palm trees, surrounded by a stone sun deck.

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Large retractable glass doors disappear to allow the modern home to open up to the private infinity pool, beautifully lush landscaped gardens, and sparkling ocean view to the horizon. The slide-away walls also facilitate natural gentle cooling of the home, utilizing the refreshing sea breeze.

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An open plan layout allows the internal areas of the home to bask in the views through the houses vast windows.

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A predominantly plain and neutral color palette is warmed by scattered bolts of terracotta and yellow ochre, within wall paintings and stand-alone decorative items. The serene décor creates the perfect backdrop against which to display the homeowners belongings, as each nook and cranny seems to be populated with attractive collections of soulful sculptures and intricate ornaments.

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Swathes of warming wood tone covers walls and ceilings, furniture finds and bespoke shelving.

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Black screen doors allow pretty glimmers of emerald green garden to show through.

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The home entryway holds the majesty of an art gallery, or perhaps the hush an ancient temple.

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As the modern structure is seated on a solid lava base, a symbolic river of cooled hardened lava can be found meandering through the landscaped plot, connecting the home in line from the mountains to the Pacific ocean.

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Images Courtesy of ArchitectsList Olson Kundig

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