30 Unique Home Chess Sets

30 Unique Home Chess Sets

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When accessorizing a home office, library or a stylish coffee table, nothing says sophistication quite like a home chess set. A basic chess set is easy to come by, but what about something a bit more special, something that is as unique as you and your home? This collection of unique chess boards and glamorous pieces offers up some great conversation starters-and some real bank-breakers!

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This Wobble chess set offers up a novel and animated approach to the classically reserved game. Each square of the board is curved to contain the jiggling pieces.

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The Man Ray chess set is another option for complimenting a striking minimalistic interior style.

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  • Via: Phillips
Minimalistic our fourth set may be, but certainly not the least expensive of the bunch.

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The chic $1995.00 Hammond chess set, from the Ralph Lauren Home collection, could possibly be mistaken for a set of rather expensive pen caps in a smart home office.

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The Philippe chess game set is of an ultra modern design, made from tubular pieces of brushed matte stainless steel.

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  • Via: Silmu
Ceramic chess pieces, set out on this intriguing board of black burnt plywood, will bring a mystical stone age appeal to any space-perfect for a traditional library.

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This hefty handcrafted, powder-coated Tool Chess set is presented in a tool chest carrying case, in either black or red, a fun accessory for a masculine decor.

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  • Via: Shapeways
A typographic chess set would please graphic designers and the like in their home studios.

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Another typographic chess set, this time focusing on individual letter-forms.

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Fantasy fans will love this dragon chess set-another good option for home libraries, or even a computer games room.

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As featured in the Harry Potter movie, the fascinating Isle of Lewis set dates all the way back to the 12th century. The original set was discovered on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland by a local shepherd in 1831. It is regarded as one of the most astonishing collections of ancient chess men in existence-but you can grab yourself a copy of the pieces without going on an archeological dig, and without it costing the earth either. Btw, if you are a Harry Potter fan, don’t miss out our feature on Harry Potter home decor.

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A Lord Of The Rings set would be another hit with serious movie fans…

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…As would this Star Wars chess set.

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This Star Trek Tri Dimensional Chess Set made a ‘Big Bang’ with Sheldon Cooper!

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Medieval chess set crafted in exquisite detail.

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Chinese style chess pieces.

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Roman style chess pieces.

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A round three-player chess set adds a new twist to the original game.

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Then again, why restrict to three when you can have four players?

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  • Via: My mini factory
An adorable 3D printed chess set that acts as tiny herb planters.

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Straight up, wall mounted-and framed-chess.

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Unique LED chess set, with pieces that glow when placed upon the board.

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  • Via: Deluxe spain
Frank Gehry designed chess set, made of fine bone-china. Available from Tiffany Co for a cool $25,000.

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The Renault F1 Chess Set, created from parts of a real Renault F1 automobile, will set you back $41000.

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The $500,000 Charles Hollander Royal Diamond Chess Set is made entirely out of 14 carat white gold and 9900 black and white diamonds. The set took over 4500 hours of intricate hand-work, completed by thirty craftsmen, under the direction of Maquin.

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This more recent chess set design by Charles Hollander has been valued at 5 million dollars. It is made out of gold and diamonds, and features king and queen cameos moulded into the precious metal.

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$9.8 million Jewel Royale Chess Set from British jewelry company Boodles. Made of gold and platinum and decorated with 73 rubies, 146 sapphires and 748 diamonds.

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