Black and White Graphic Decor

Black and White Graphic Decor

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This is an extremely sharp and graphic approach to home decor, visualized by Geometrix Design, with stark contrasting black and white areas, furniture and accessories.

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The highly polished monochrome interior design is staged upon an attention grabbing floor treatment, which shows off a slick graphic that waves and swirls down the entire length of the room.

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Above the unique floor design, more sleek black and white furniture pieces demand attention along with high shine wall treatments, whilst the large sofa stays understated under plain white upholstery and cushions.

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The dining area is surrounded by dark glossy walls for dramatic effect.

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A large and ornate chandelier is knocked back in simple white, creating a ghostly reflection upon the mirror gloss black kitchen cabinetry.

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Blue LED lighting adds an injection of cool color over proceedings in the lounge entertainment area, where the TV springs to life from the black background. A large arc lamp is on hand to cast more practical task lighting.

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A single purple accent chair throws off the two tone scheme with a quirky flourish.

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In the hallway the black and white floor art and deep wall shine continues.

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Understated lighting illuminates a bar bench and stools.

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In the bedroom the black wall covering give way to a slightly softer slate gray hue with a matt paint finish, upon which wall mounted consoles collide to form storage for entertainment equipment under the television, and a vanity shelf beneath a classical oval mirror.

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Subtly patterned silver wallpaper bring some light relief to the heavy scheme, as well as a soft touch of elegance.

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With a home design as striking as this clutter will just not do, so built in closets line the hallway to conceal all of the owners belongings and collections.

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In the bathroom, black and white tiles are engraved with swirling patterns to add extra interest.

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