Beautiful Minimalist Interiors

Beautiful Minimalist Interiors

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These refreshing apartment visualizations, by Denis Khramov, are a luminous example of minimalistic interiors that still manage to achieve a practical and relatively homey feel. The apartments might be more suited to a single young inhabitant, but there are many elements that would work just great for a small family unit too.

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Much of the lived-in-look in this first design, comes from the handy note wall that has been created in the kitchen area with magnetic chalkboard paint-handy to scribble down shopping lists, work out the weekly schedule or post family reminders. Where the kitchen units run off from the writing zone at a right angle, a breakfast bar makes use of the prime space looking out over greenery beyond.

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Clean white, handle free, units reflect the sunlight from the large windows.

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Two large mesh pendant shades overhang the breakfast bar, clearly marking out the extra zone without eclipsing the natural light.

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A green accent chair in the entryway continues the fresh accent color from the dining area.

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Blonde wood tones fit in with the bright and breezy atmosphere.

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In the lounge, black furniture anchors the entertainment area that comes complete with flatscreen TV and media system. The television is mounted on a panel that hides away unsightly wiring, and a low slung unit is at hand to conceal DVD collections and remote controls. The footstool doubles as a place to perch when choosing the evenings lineup, and a contemporary chrome standing lamp allows for softer lighting when the overheads prove too bright for late night movie viewing.

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The walls are decorated with typographical artwork that bring in a second contrasting accent color.

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Here, in the second apartment design, chic statement pieces nestle amongst elements that are useful for family living, such as generously sized storage shelves, multiple task lighting options, and plenty of space to move around the furniture.

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The oversized globe shade looks fabulous over the round dining table, and marks the eating zone clearly in the open space.

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The kitchen units meet in an interesting T-shape, creating an attractive link between the cooking and dining areas.

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This masculine bedroom has a fabulously quirky idea for hanging artwork-use your clothes hangers to hold your art prints, and just throw your trousers on the floor!

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