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Homey Feeling Room Designs

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This collection of four home styles, dreamed up in the mind of Sergey Baskakov, features a series of cool and considered approaches but with lovely homey undertones. Its all very well designing a room to look cutting-edge and fashion forward, but general home life needs must be acknowledged.

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This first space explores an open plan lounge through to kitchen area, where we can see the main feature of the piece is an entire wall painted in chalkboard paint. Not only is this wall treatment a great place to dream up your own original quirky wall art that can change on a whim, but it creates a practical surface on which to scribble notes and reminders.

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Unusually, against the jet black paintwork, a utility pipe has been picked out in white paint- making it stand out rather than blend into the background. This small detail actually gives the room added interest, appearing almost as a border or a deliberate stripe that marks out the path to the cooking zone from the entryway.

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A chest coffee table provides extra storage in the home-a great place to stash stacks of magazines and untidy throws if you should receive an impromptu knock at the door from visitors.

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Stacks of books in the bedroom don’t have to look untidy if the rest of the room is kept simple. In this example, the main area of interest is the fun owl wallpaper.

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The simplistic monochrome vision gets a blast of heat from a cherry red Smeg fridge, and exposed shelving holds jars of dry foods that are both quick to hand and colorful additions.

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Here, a great lighting scheme shines practicality on this home, with generously sized pendant shades casting illumination in all the right places.

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A continuous run of bespoke storage from the kitchen right through to the entertainment area provides ample hiding place for numerous belongings.

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Next we see a return of the colorful accent fridge, but this time it is teamed with a set of mix and match dining chairs; this is a great way to save money as you can use odd chairs you might already have in different areas of the home, or have gathered as heirlooms. This eclectic look appears very welcoming as the formality is taken out of the dining space.

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A return of the wise owls in a reading space: this time in the toilet!

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This house is full of books, and books really do make a house look like a home.

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Lots of accessories give a room a lived in look.

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