Spacious Apartment With Family Friendly Decor

Spacious Apartment With Family Friendly Decor

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This funky 160 square meter (~1722 square feet) apartment, by architect Larisa Nikitenko, overlooks the picturesque historic centre of Kharkov, resting in the bend of two rivers. The place was designed on the premise of being comfortable, functional and restful for an active family, a hit list that would probably suit many of us. It is packed with interesting features that can be incorporated into many different home designs, for everyday décor that doesnt forget the pop.

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There is inspiration for rooms all over the home in this fresh looking dwelling, so let us see which ideas we can borrow starting in the main room. The open plan lounge/kitchen/diner is a long open space, but there are several factors at play to prevent it from appearing plain. The first element is the stripe of glossy teal created by a run of wall units on the kitchen side. The base units are knocked back in a more subtle shade, so that the left wall does not overpower the lounge area on the right.

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Over in the living room, architectural recesses have been partially picked out in monochrome pattern.

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A long chaise sofa divides the areas.

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A central pillar has been clad in mirror, making it almost dissolve away.

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The kitchen countertop drops in level, and swerves away at a right angle to form a regular height dining surface over which three pendant lights pick out the added zone.

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The floor is divided into separate areas by alternating use of blonde wooden plank flooring and large white marble tile.

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A slim picture light illuminates a family photograph gallery in the hallway, and more monochrome detailing adds interest on the facing wall.

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The children’s rooms are filled with pretty fabrics and color for fun factor.

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