Contemporary Bauhaus Style Home in Haifa

Contemporary Bauhaus Style Home in Haifa

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Taking a cue from the Bauhaus-heavy styles in the French Carmel neighborhood of Haifa in Israel, architects from pitsou kedem this house is a beautiful example of how styles that were once cutting edge can be updated and remain relevant and beautiful.

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From the back of the house, the space almost takes on a dollhouse feeling since you can see directly in to the different rooms and feel as though you could move around the furniture with a flick of the wrist.

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The landscaping around the home is also decidedly important, particularly with the massive glass walls. Trees, stones, and moss make this neighborhood home feel more secluded and natural.

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The pool deck also has a modern feel without going towards the ostentatious. Instead, the pool sits calmly in the ground, surrounded by smooth surfaces and contemporary furnishings.

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The modern library space almost echoes out of the photos with its cement accent wall and suspended lantern that acts as the sun and the moon.

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These suspended wooden stairs are delicate yet sturdy with a shaft of sunlight making it feel as though you may be ascending to some place more than the second floor.

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The front of the home is purposefully anonymous, barely betraying the sweeping modern designs inside.

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The sleek white walls are so clean and smooth they feel almost industrial.

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