Regal Interiors

Regal Interiors

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As anyone can see from the wealth of posts on this site and around the web, modern design is tremendously popular. With its clean lines and minimalist feel, it is elegant and soothing without being too fussy. The images that are showcased here, however, are the opposite of this subdued aesthetic. The CG artists featured have created regal interiors better suited for royalty than a character on Mad Men. And even if most of us can only dream of the kind of wealth that would be necessary to purchase and maintain this type of home, there is nothing stopping us from pausing to appreciate the possibility.

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This grand entryway features all the trappings of a palace. With plenty of seating for the occasional gala and massive flower arrangements, this is truly a space for the independently wealthy with a flair for decadence. Artist Veltik took a good deal of inspiration for this space from the Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas in Valencia, Spain.

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When you have the square footage necessary for these sweeping interiors, you have to make sure there is always a place to sit. This sitting room, with carefully upholstered sofas in every corner and a massive table in the center is the perfect place for a couple to sneak away, or for an entire party to continue the evening in comfort.

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Purple has long been a color associated with royalty, so the fact that artist M Taher uses it here is no surprise. From a luxurious tufted headboard to a unique crystal lighting feature over the bed, this room screams decadence and comfort. The way that the rug curls its tendrils around the end of the bed only further the feeling of a soft and comfortable embrace.

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Even hallways can feel regal with the right trappings. Here, the use of a brocade wallpaper and mirrors make the space feel big and expensive, so no one could complain about waiting here for a few moments.

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