Pirate Theme CT Scanner Makes Things Less Scary for Kids

Pirate Theme CT Scanner Makes Things Less Scary for Kids

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Though most of the posts on this site focus on the interior and architectural design of luxury homes and apartments, we couldnt see this creative use of décor and not include it. New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital had to replace their CT scanner, the machine that takes internal scans and can be used to detect any type of internal injury that would not show up on a normal x-ray, they wanted to make something that was a little more welcoming. That is, having a CT scan can be a scary proposition for anyone, especially children.

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Rather than replace the scanner with the plain white, sterile contraption that can be found at most hospitals, they decided to jazz things up. The new machine, which is specifically designed to deliver the lowest dose of radiation possible to the patient, is also designed to look like a pirate ship!

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The CT scanner is decorated like the ship’s helm while playful animal pirates (notably, not “scary pirates” according to Dr. Carrie Ruzal-Shapiro, chief of Pediatric Radiology) swing from ropes around the room.

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The result of this CT scanner, which was designed by GE in conjunction with doctors from the hospital, is an experience for kids, up to the age of 21 that is a little more comforting and a lot less scary.

Via Buzzfeed.

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