Evernote Office Interiors

Evernote Office Interiors

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When it comes to designing an office space for an up and coming company, designers have to think outside of the box and within a budget. As we have seen so many times, for tech companies taking the business world by storm, the concept of a stuffy office filled with gray cubicles is a thing of the past. Out with the old and in with the modern, informal space that promotes collaboration and constant interaction between employees.The design that Studio O+A created for growing online note taking company Evernote in Redwood City, California is a prime example of this contemporary office concept. The designers had a few challenges such as a time and budget crunch, but they rose to the challenge creating a space with an industrial feel, yet a clean and modern finish.

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Evernote’s office is open and airy with natural lighting and casual meeting and relaxation areas. Although there are a lot of unique spaces within the building, the design itself is simple and clean. White walls, tall windows, and lighter woods are a good representation of the lightheartedness of the company. Nothing in the design is too dark or too formal. Studio O+A captured the company’s spirit and reflected it throughout the entire building.

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The large reception area is full of creativity with chalk artistry of the company’s identity and a coffee and break bar built in Douglas fir.

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The company wanted to encourage spontaneity in its employees and the design is a testament to that. The main staircase isn’t just that; it’s a relaxing spot complete with cushioned benches for employees to take a minute to chat during the day. With so many break spots and snack counters, it shows how employee-focused Evernote is and how the design took that methodology into perspective when creating this office space. Impulsive interactions bring about creativity and this office is the ideal place for these interactions to occur.

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Employees can enjoy a multitude of lounges, coffee bars, dining areas, and even a fitness center.

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Being regular Evernote users here, it was a pleasure seeing their offices. Do check them out if you haven’t already.

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